KNOWN ISSUE: "Count of Computers by Form Factor Drill down" report displays a machines asset tag instead of its serial number in its Serial Number column

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When the "Count of Computers by Form Factor" report is run, its results can be drilled into.  This action calls the hidden "Count of Computers by Form Factor Drill down" report to display its results based off of data gathered by its parent report.

It has been found that this reports Serial Number column is actually showing a machines asset tag value instead of its serial number.


Inventory Solution 7.0 and 7.1


Looking at the “Count of Computers by Form Factor Drill down” XML file (exported from within the Symantec Console), its SQL uses the [Asset Tag] column from the vHWChassis view to display the reports [Serial Number] column.


Current workaround:

The vHWChassis view obtains its [Asset Tag] data from the Inv_HW_Chassis tables [Asset Tag] column.  As the Inv_HW_Chassis table also has a [Serial Number] column, a modified report has been created that now uses that Serial Number column.

To implement this modified report, use the “.\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin\Tools\ImportExportUtil.exe” tool to import the attached "Count_of_Computers_by_Form_Factor_Drill_down_updated.xml" file.

This file is for Inventory Solution 7.1 SP1.

Symantec intends to include this modified report in Inventory Solution 7.1 SP2.


Modified report for Inventory Solution 7.1 SP1.
Count_of_Computers_by_Form_Factor_Drill_down_updated.xml (18 kBytes)

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Value2415014 - Count of Computers By Form Factor Drill Down report improperly displays Asset Tag instead of Serial Number.

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