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In an all-Macintosh environment, with the clients defended by Symantec AntiVirus 10 for Macintosh (SAV for Mac), an internal LiveUpdate solution is desired.  Rather than allow each client to download the same definitions  form an Internet LiveUpdate server, it would be more efficient to use an internal LiveUpdate server to download and distribute the content updates.  Is this possible, as LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x (LUA 2.x) and LiveUpdate Administration Utility 1.x (LUAU 1.x) can only function on a Windows OS?


SAV for Mac customers in an all-Macintosh environment can use LiveUpdate Administration Utility 2.x (LUAU 2.x) as an internal LiveUpdate server.  Note that this tool is not designed to function with SEP for Mac downloads: SEP for Mac environments will need a Windows server running LUA 2.x or the legacy LUAU 1.x 

Notes from the LUAU 2.x ReadMe.txt:

LiveUpdate Administration Utility 2.1.1

LiveUpdate Administration Utility (LUAU) allows you to retrieve the latest consumer Symantec Macintosh OS X product updates for use on custom LiveUpdate servers.

Revision History


  • Added update of TRI file to ensure a special version package is properly handled if it was downloaded via LUAU 2.05 or earlier.


  • Added "More options" option to main menu.
  • Added "Set up LiveUpdate client configuration tool" option to "More Options" menu. This option creates a program to be used on client machines to point LiveUpdate to an internal LiveUpdate server.
  • Added a Tools folder in /Applications/LiveUpdateAdminUtility with PointLUtoSymantecServers.command, a program that points LiveUpdate back to Symantec's LiveUpdate servers. The "Set up LiveUpdate client configuration tool" option generates PointLUtoInternalServer.command and places it into the Tools folder.
  • Added "Manage special version packages" option to "More Options" menu. This option should only be used with consultation by Symantec support.
  • Added "Download from HTTP servers instead of FTP servers" preference.
  • Proxy options are now used for both HTTP and FTP proxy servers, based on which protocol of servers are used to download updates.
  • NOTE: You may need to change the proxy server address, login name, and/or password via the "Set proxy server options" portion of LUAU's preferences menu if you change the protocol setting. If you use a proxy server that does not require authentication and have chosen that the proxy server be automatically retrieved from the system, no change is necessary.
  • LUAU program updates are now retrieved from LiveUpdate servers.
  • Eliminated check for latest tri file to allow downloads from multiple server replicas.
  • Changed versioning from format M.mb to M.m.b.


  • Added packages with .zip extension to downloads and archives.


  • Added # option when setting preferences sequentially to jump to a particular preference.
  • Added support for Norton Firewall and Norton Internet Security product updates.
  • Fixed errors that could occur when LUAU updated itself, which in LUAU 2.03 sometimes resulted in the repeated display of the message: "ATTENTION: LiveUpdate Administration Utility has been updated and must now quit. Run LiveUpdateAdminUtility.command again to use the updated version." Other syntax errors could appear. Regardless of the errors, LUAU 2.03 and earlier did successfully update itself.
  • Fixed erroneous warning that would appear on LUAU's main page when a missing download folder or download archive folder was reassigned.
  • The installer's "Check for new version of LiveUpdate Administration Utility" option now actually updates LUAU when running the installer directly. Note: In previous versions of LUAU, that option did update LUAU when running the installer directly in OS 10.5.x, when running /Applications/LiveUpdateAdminUtility/LiveUpdateAdminUtility.command, or when updating LUAU during product updates download sessions.


  • Added "Use preference wizard (set preferences sequentially)" option to preferences menu.
  • Added "Extra disk space (in megabytes) to reserve for downloads and archives" and "Show help message when using preference wizard" preferences.
  • Added the following options when setting preferences (-, +, [, ], and HH are only applicable when setting preferences sequentially):

D Set preference to default (recommended) value
HH Show list of additional preference options
Q Quit
- Go to previous preference
+ Go to next preference
[ Go to first preference in series
] Go to last preference in series

  • Available disk space is verified before downloading, archiving, or moving files. If more disk space is needed, archives are deleted rom oldest to newest until there is enough space. If enough space cannot be created, the download, archive, or movement will abort. 
  • Packages are now downloaded directly to the disk containing the download folder, into a folder within the download folder called "download_in_session".
  • Packages downloaded during a failed or aborted download session are retained for the next download session in the "download_in_session" folder. After a successful download session, the folder is removed.
  • Added support for Symantec Client Firewall product updates.
  • DownloadSession.log is now included in archives.
  • When masttri.zip is needed, livetri.zip is no longer downloaded if download of masttri.zip fails.
  • Fixed chgrp and chown errors that appear in OS 10.2 and OS 10.3 when downloading to a FAT16 volume.


  • Added options for FTP proxy use. To access them, launch LUAU, choose "Manage preferences", then choose "Set proxy server options."
  • FTP proxy use is no longer automatic; it is instead controlled within the new proxy server options section.
  • The "use active instead of passive mode ftp when retrieving updates" preference will be ignored when using an FTP proxy server.
  • Added more information to download error messages.


  • Updates are automatically retrieved through anonymous FTP proxy server on Mac OS 10.4 or later if a proxy server was specified via System Preferences. This may cause LUAU downloads to fail if the proxy server requires a password. LUAU 2.02 will add more options for proxy use.
  • Mac OS X version + proxy server are now added to log during download.


  • Updated for compatibility with Mac OS 10.5.
  • Added the following preferences:
    "Folder where previously retrieved updates are archived"
    "Maximum number of download archives"
    "Number of times to retry failed downloads"
    "Maximum number of lines to keep in log"
  • The "Back up previously retrieved Macintosh updates" preference has been replaced by the "Maximum number of download archives" preference. If this number is greater than 0, then each previously downloaded set will be moved into the download archive folder (specified by the "Folder where previously retrieved updates are archived" preference) and placed into subfolders with names based on the modification time of that set's TRI file (subfolder name format: "YYYY-MM-DD_HH.MM.SS").
  • The download archive folder (formerly named "LiveUpdate_Admin_Backup" by default) no longer needs to be within the download folder. The new, default download archive folder location is: "/Applications/LiveUpdateAdminUtility/Retrieved Updates Archives".
  • Downloads can now be scheduled to occur hourly or every 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 12 hours.
  • Added scheduled download information to main menu.
  • Added "View Read Me file" option to log menu and to installer menu.
  • Added prompt to move previously downloaded updates when download folder or download archive folder location has changed.
  • Added warning to main menu and to preferences menu when there are still undefined preferences.
  • Added support for Intel virus definitions downloads.
  • Added "Symantec Scheduler updates" to "Products to update" preference. Prior to LiveUpdate 5.0, Symantec Scheduler updates were contained in LiveUpate product updates.
  • Added "Vulnerability Protection updates" to "Products to update" preference.
  • Symantec Scheduler and Vulnerability Protection updates are now downloaded when "All AntiVirus virus definitions + AntiVirus product updates" is chosen in "Products to update" preference.
  • Contents of the download folder is now shown in log after updates are downloaded.
  • A file called "DownloadSession.log" is now created in download folder; the file shows the log entries of the most recent download.
  • Now checks to see if a download session is already running before attempting to adjust settings or before starting another download.
  • Added enhanced verification of downloaded files.
  • Improved TRI file language purging.
  • Improved the search for latest TRI file.
  • Previous "Products to update" preference selection is now remembered every time.
  • Revised scheduled download UI.
  • Revised help system.


  • Fixed "integer expression expected" error that appeared in OS 10.3 while determining date of downloaded TRI files.


  • Added support for Norton Confidential updates.


  • Added "Use active instead of passive mode ftp when retrieving updates" preference.
  • Updated preference menus for products, languages, and download folder.
  • Languages can now be selected by using their first initials.
  • Added the option to set all preferences to defaults.
  • A default location for retrieved updates has been added: /Applications/LiveUpdateAdminUtility/Retrieved Updates
  • Added download date information to main menu.
  • Added schedule information to scheduled downloads menu and adjusted the menu choices when there is an existing schedule.
  • LiveUpdate Administration Utility will now quit anytime it is updated.
  • Adjusted UI for various prompts and help screens.


  • Changed "Remove Macintosh update files that are not in TRI file" preference default to TRUE [y].

System requirements:

  • Macintosh OS 10.2 or higher
  • 800-2000 MB of free disk space for storing the retrieved updates plus an additional 2-8 GB to keep archives of previous downloads

You can download the latest LUAU from: ftp://ftp.symantec.com/public/english_us_canada/liveupdate/mac_liveupdate/updates/LiveUpdateAdminUtility/LiveUpdateAdminInstall.zip

To install:

1. Download and expand LiveUpdateAdminInstall.zip.
2. In the LiveUpdateAdminInstall folder, double-click InstallLiveUpdateAdmin.command.
3. Enter admin password and choose the Install option.

The installer installs several support files in: /Library/Application Support/LiveUpdateAdminUtility and a LiveUpdate Administration Utility launcher:

NOTE: LUAU only retrieves updates for products that shipped with Macintosh LiveUpdate 3 or later. If you also need updates for Symantec products on non-Macintosh operating systems, then use one of the Windows-based programs: LiveUpdate Administration Utility 1.5.x (LuAdmin.exe) or LiveUpdate Administrator or later. If you need updates for products that shipped with Macintosh LiveUpdate versions prior to version 3.0 (e.g., Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh version 7), you can
download old archives of those updates from:


ATTENTION: Virus definitions for Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh versions 7-8 are no longer updated as of August 1, 2008. To continue receiving updated virus definitions, please upgrade to a newer version of Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh.

Using LiveUpdate Administration Utility

When you first run the LiveUpdate Administration Utility launcher, you will need to set preferences in order to download product updates. When prompted for input, default responses may be shown in square brackets [], which can be selected by simply pressing return. When modifying a preference that you had previously set, the default response shown will be your previous selection.

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