Downloading User Search Results Takes a Long Time or Does not Download at All

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After clicking the Download Search Results hyperlink on the Modify Users page the following dialog box appears:

Please wait while the report is generated...
Please close this window after the download is complete.

Nothing else appears.

If a File Download browser dialog box appears it takes over 5 minutes to appear.


  • There are thousands of users synchronized from LDAP.

1. Open the IM Manager Administration Console.
2. Click on the Settings tab.
3. Click on LDAP Directory Integration|History menu item.
4. Find an entry for a Job Type of Mirror Sync.  It has a Description like the following:

Number of synchronized LDAP Users: 5699.
Number of synchronized IM Users: 0

5. If the Number of synchronized LDAP Users is in the thousands then this condition is met.

  • CPU used by w3wp.exe is over 80% while the report is generated.

1. Open Windows Task Manager.
2. Find the process with the Image Name w3wp.exe.





  • IM Manager version 8.4.16 or lower.


The Administration Console is using an inefficient method to process the results from the IM Manager database.


Upgrade to IM Manager version 8.4.17 or higher.

Technical Information

  • The following is the SQL query run by the IM Manager  Administration Console:

Select aa.DOMAIN_NAME as DOMAINNAME ,aa.NameID as NAMEID, aa.ProtocolID as PROTOCOLID, aa.UserUniqueID AS USERUNIQUEID, aa.UserName as USERNAME, aa.IMName as IMNAME, aa.Enabled as ENABLED, aa.Source as SOURCEID, aa.ProtocolName as PROTOCOLNAME, aa.IMEnabled as IMEnabled, aa.ISREVIEWER as ISREVIEWER, aa.SOURCE as SOURCE, aa.MANAGED as MANAGED, aa.ArchivingStatus as ArchivingStatus, aa.FTStatus as FTStatus, aa.Enableable as Enableable, aa.FileTransferable as FileTransferable from ( select (select ld.domain_name from LdapDomainInServer ld where ld.ID = n.DOMAIN_ID ) as DOMAIN_NAME , n.NameID as NAMEID, n.ProtocolID as PROTOCOLID, n.UserUniqueID AS USERUNIQUEID, n.UserName as USERNAME, n.IMName as IMNAME, n.Enabled as ENABLED, n.Source as SOURCEID, p.ProtocolName as PROTOCOLNAME, (case when (n.Enabled = 1) then ('Enabled') else (case when (n.enabled = 2) then ('Disabled') else ('New') end) end ) as IMEnabled , (case when exists (select userid from users u where u.UserUniqueID = n.UserUniqueID and u.isDeleted = 0) then ('TRUE') else ('FALSE') end) as ISREVIEWER ,  IMNamesSource.Description AS SOURCE, (CASE WHEN (n.Managed= 1) THEN ('Yes')      ELSE (      CASE WHEN (n.Managed = 0) THEN ('No')              ELSE (              CASE WHEN (n.Managed = 2) THEN ('Managed Deleted')            END)         END)  END) AS MANAGED ,     n.MessageLogLevel As ArchivingStatus, n.FileTransferEnabled as FTStatus,   p.CanBlockAccess AS Enableable, p.CanTransferFiles as FileTransferable  from IMNames as n inner join IMSupportedProtocols as p on n.ProtocolID = p.ProtocolID  INNER JOIN IMNamesSource ON n.Source = IMNamesSource.SourceID  UNION ALL SELECT ld.DOMAIN_NAME, NULL, NULL, objectGUID, [displayName], NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, 'LDAPUpdate', NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL from LdapMirror lm, LdapDomainInServer ld WHERE  lm.domain_id = ld.ID AND objectGUID NOT IN ( SELECT UserUniqueID FROM IMNames )  AND [displayName] <> '' ) aa order by Source DESC,DOMAINNAME, UserName, UserUniqueID, protocolname, imname

The Administration console parses the result set and provides it as a file download.


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