How to upgrade from DEMO keys to permanent keys in VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) 2.0

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How to upgrade from DEMO keys to permanent keys in VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) 2.0


TAG_B 2001/10/04 19:07:29 VCS:11285:Licensing:You have 10 day(s) left in your evaluation period


The vxlicense -c command cannot be used to enter permanent keys for VCS 2.0. The following illustrates the procedure to enter a permanent key if a DEMO key is installed during "installvcs".

1. CD to the VCS installation directory in the supplied CD or to the local download directory (if it was downloaded from ftp site).

2. Run licensevcs:

node-2 #./licensevcs

Enter the license key for node-1: <enter_the_permanent_key_here>, applying the license key to all systems in the cluster.

VCS Licensing Completed Successfully.
node-2 #

NOTE: This is run only on one node in the cluster and not all the nodes.

3. Kill and restart HAD. This is how to do so:

node-2 # hastop -all -force
node-2 # hastart
node-1 # hastart

4. A reboot of the cluster nodes is not necessary once the license upgrade is complete.

Licensevcs can be run on a cluster node when VCS is running or down. However, VCS cannot be brought up unless a valid key is in place. Messages similar to "TAG_B 2001/09/27 12:43:53 VCS:52541:Licensing:This node's license type does not match the cluster type (Remote Build: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx)" will appear.

This can be resolved by entering a valid key on any of the cluster nodes before starting VCS.

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