"Remote Agent not detected" error when oracle database is being backed up.

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The oracle server's name is added under Tools-> Options->Oracle-> Modify list for authentication in Backup Exec. But some times the Job (with Oracle DB selected and Flat files) doesnt backup non-oracle data from that remote server with such setting. If we remove the server name from Modify list, It atleast backs up the non-oracle data.


Remote Agent not detected on <servername>.

V-79-57344-33861 - The media operation was terminated by the user.


This error usually comes when there is a communication issue between media server and Oracle Server.


Make sure port 5633 is open at Oracle server. This is the default port used for communications between media server and the remote server for both DBA and Media server initiated operations. We can also specify a custom port through Tools->options->Network and security in Backup Exec.

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The media operation was terminated by the user.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH165194

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