VBS script for moving NS 6 clients to NS 7.1

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You have NS 6 and will be migrating to NS 7.1. The new server is built and there should be a way migrate the NS 6 clients to point to the new NS 7.1. You would like to automate the process, perhaps even using DS 6.9 to accomplish the migration.


NS 6 clients are associated with the older NS rather than the new NS 7.1.


This is for NS 6 going to NS 7.1. For information about going from NS 6.0 to NS 7.0, check the document HOWTO9958, How to migrate client machines with the Altiris Agent from NS6 to NS7? at http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=HOWTO9958


Customer is migrating to a new install of NS, version 7.1.


There is a .VBS script that will modify the NS 6 clients to associate with the new NS 7.1.

The resolution involves using the DS 6.9 product to deploy the script. The steps are:
1 - Install the DS 6.9 Agent from the Console under Tools > Remote Agent Installer.
2 - Build a task to deploy a script. Click on File > New > Job. Give it a name.
3 - On the far right, click on 'Add >>'. Select 'Run Script'.
4 - Choose 'Run the script from file:' and browse to the .VBS script. Click on Next.
5 - Accept the default for settings on this page. In some cases you may need to specify a particular user, such as when you need elevated permissions.
6 - Click on Finish.
7 - Drag and drop your new job on top of the computer name in the upper left. Confirm the job and let it run.
8 - Once you are satisfied that the job runs correctly, start installing the 6.9 agents to the rest of your computers and kick off the job again.


Unzip the file, decrypt using the password 'password' and change the extension to .vbs.
changeNSv2.vbs.zip (1 kBytes)

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