When you login to the GEMS Server and click on the Computer Status Reports tab, you are not able to see any client check-ins happening, however the clients are checking-in with the GEMS Server successfully.

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When you click on the check-in button on the client console, the check-in is successful.
Also when you pull up information from SQL using a Query, you are able to see in the Check-in column, that the clients are checking-in successfully, however not showing in the 'Computer Status Reports' tab.


All Versions of Guardian Edge/Symantec Endpoint Encryption.


---Un-install the OTP key changer, OTP, Removable Storage, Hard Disk, Framework and Management Server without deleting the GEMSDB database.
---Reboot the server. Install Management Server, Framework pointing to the same earlier database. Install Hard Disk, Removable Storage and OTP.
---Login to the SEE console. Add the forest name under GPMC and also add the OTP console.
---Go to Reports and then 'Computer Status Reports' tab and you will be able to find all the computers showing there with all check-in date and time information correctly for all the clients. 

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH165588

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