Unable to create new Framework package from Symantec Endpoint Encryption Manager

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When you try to create a SEE client package you get Policy Save Error message and unable to proceed.



Possible cause : -

1. SQL Permission for the current Windows Logon. (Windows Authentication)
2. SQL sa account password expired
3. SQL transaction log size exceeded.


1. Verify wheather the SQL is running under SQL account (sa) or Windows Authentication
2. For Windows Authentication, please make sure the current user has the right permssion for the SEMSDb

How to verify permission under database

1. Right click on the SEMSDb and go to propertise
2. Under Permission, make sure the windows user is added and it has permission for "Connect" and "Execute"
3. Do the same if its a SQL account

How to clear Trasaction Log

1. In SQL Server Management Studio, right click on GEMSDb the database.
2. Go to Properties.
3. Then go to the Files section.
4. Click on both the data and log autogrowth column (Click the ...)
5. Select “ Unrestricted File Growth”

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH165961

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