Recovery Solution 7.1.3919 (7.1) hotfixes and known issues

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What are the HotFixes and Known issues for Recovery Solution 7.1.3919 (7.1)?


This article contains links to all of the hotfixes released for Recovery Solution 7.1.3919 (7.1). Subscribe to this article to be notified about all updates and additional hotfixes added in the future. Some of the hotfixes below are accumulative hotfixes.

Recovery Solution 7.1 Release Notes: DOC4396
Recovery Solution 7.1 Reference Guide: no specific guide has been released, please use 7.0 Guide instead: DOC2186. At the same time for upgrade instruction please refer to Release Notes instead.
Recovery Solution supportability dates: HOWTO21450  
Description of hotfix severities
A high severity hotfix is a major bug in the solution which applies to all environments and configurations. It can cause major interruptions to the system.
A Medium severity hotfix applies to most environments and configuration but the impact of this is minor and only causes minimal impact to the solution. Normally an Agent side fix only.
A Low severity hotfix is a one-off fix to resolve a very minor issue in a very unique environment and/or configuration, this does not apply to everyone and before applying make sure that the root cause and configuration is exactly the same.
No hotfixes have been released yet 

Recovery Solution 7.1.3919 - WBFR not correctly restores folder which name has at least two spaces, for example “My favorite folder” (Severity: LOW)

Recovery Solution 7.1.3919 - Error “GetRevLastFull stored procedure did not return a valid revision number” appears on snapshot after SSM job is completed (Severity: HIGH)

Recovery Solution 7.1.3919 - Scan for applied critical patches is locking up NS

Recovery Solution 7.1.3919 - How to execute a server job without using the console?





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