AexNSPerfBlobEvents are slow to be processed out of the Notification Server queues

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AexNSPerfBlobEvents sent to the EvtQueue are very slow to be processed by the Notification Server. 

All other events seem to be processed quickly. 

A review of the database table size reveals that the MonitorProcessLog table contains over 47 million rows, with the oldest data stored aged only 1 week.


Notification Server 6.0 (SP2 6.0.5287 and SP3 6.0.6074) 
Monitor Solution 6.0.1289


The large MonitorProcessLog table indicates the Notification Server is maintaining a large amount of uncompressed Monitor Solution data.


Reducing the amount of uncompressed data sent to the Notification Server will ease the burden on the server.

Alternatively, you could configure the Monitor Solution to ignore uncompressed data.

You can also view the Monitor Solution purge settings under Configuration > Solution Settings > Monitoring > Monitor Solution > Server Settings > Monitor Purging Maintenance.

When “Delete uncompressed performance data older than:” is set to 0, Notification Server will not maintain uncompressed Monitor Solution data.

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