Accessing hard drive with Encase v6.1.5 and GuardianEdge Hard Disk 9.1.5

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Encase 6.15

GEHD 9.1.5 (upgrade from 8.2.5)

In GEHD 8.x users were able to access the encrypted hard drive.  After upgrading to GuardianEdge Hard Disk 9.1.5 and above, the credentials no longer allowed them to access the encrypted hard drive.




Encase 6.15
GuardianEdge Hard Disk 9.1.5 (upgrade from 8.2.5)


With previous version of our software and with Encase installed, to access the hard drive the user had to enter the following:

* Username
* Password
* Domian (for ex; pctdomain)

Now with GuardianEdge Hard Disk 9.1.5 or above, for the domain field you need to enter "EA#Domain."  You must type the word "domain."

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