VMware GRT (Granular Recovery Technology) restore from spanned set fails with "0xe0009744" error code

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When  attempting to perform a GRT restore from an Agent for VMWare Virtual Infrastructure (AVVI), the job fails reporting the error messages provided below.



0xe0009744 - At least one directory in the backup set contains items that are not supported by Granular Recovery Technology (GRT). Granular restores cannot be performed for these items.

V-79-67344-38724 - Directory '' does not support Granular Recovery Technology (GRT). Granular restores cannot be performed for items in this directory



The currently identified cause is when the VM being backed up contains a dynamic spanned disk with the name of one of the VMDK files in the span also being located in a different datastore and used by a different disk in the same VM. As an example in Figure 1 below, the E: drive is spanned and the name of theVMDK making up the second part of the E: drive matches the name of the VMDK used by the F: drive. Attempting to restore GRT data from the E: drive creates the error.

Fig 1. Example disk layout showing a cause


This issue has been resolved in Backup Exec 2010 R3 Service Pack 2

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AVVI GRT restore from Spanned set fails with 0xe0009744 error

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH166747

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