How to exclude files from Symantec Scan Engine scanning when using NetApp filer.

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The aim is to exclude certain file types from scanning by Symantec Scan Engine.


Scan Engine

NetApp Filer


The NetApp Filer submits files to Symantec Scan Engine (SSE) for scanning based on the file extension of the top-level file.  Files are scanned when they are accessed from storage (read), renamed (write) and when submitted for storage, if modified (write).  

The highest level of protection is achieved by scanning all file types; however, viruses are found only in those file types that contain executable code. So, every file type need not be scanned. It is possible to save bandwidth and time by limiting the files sent to SSE to be scanned to only those file types that can contain viruses.

The extensions that are configured on the NetApp Filer have preference over the file types and the extensions configured on SSE.   For example, if .doc is included in the extensions include list for the NetApp Filer but is excluded on Symantec Scan Engine, .doc files are still scanned.


A default list of extensions to be submitted for virus scanning is included with the NetApp Filer. To modify the extensions include list, at the command line interface, use the “vscan extensions include add” command to add additional extensions and the “vscan extensions include remove” command to remove extensions from the list. 

To rollback to the default include list, use the “vscan extensions include reset”command at the command line interface.
The wildcard extension (???), which scans all files regardless of file extension, might negatively impact performance.
For more information, see the NetApp Filer documentation.

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