Hyper-V Agent Active Directory Application GRT backup to tape fails with Cannot backup directory \zzzVirtApp001zzz and its subdirectories.

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When Backing up a Hyper-V Virtual Machine that host Active Directory the backup job may fail with Access Denied error cannot backup directory.  This issue is observed when a Hyper-V agent Application GRT to tape job is performed on the Virtual Machine.  A backup of the Virtual Machine using the Backup Exec remote agent backs up the System State (Active Directory) successfully.


Access Denied. Cannot backup directory \zzzVirtApp001zzz and its subdirectories. 

Debugging the Backup Exec remote agent on the Hyper-V host the following errors are observed:


[fsys\adgran]        - ADGran : Status SUCCESS (0x00000000) Valid parent attach attempt with attach reason 2. Parental unit is DLE 0x0000001E in ADGran_AttachToDLE:323
[fsys\adgran]        - RemNTDSProv: Failed to create the COM instance for [C:\TEMP\Backup Exec\IMG000001\ntds.dit] at CRemNTDSProvider::EnumInstances:279
[fsys\adgran]        - ADGran: Status SUCCESS (0x00000000) no provider enumerator in getADGInstanceName:863. Attach reason = 0x0002, Provider status = 0x000C
fsys\adgran]        - ADGRAN : Attaching to ADGRAN with attach reason = 2, isLiveDB = 0, isADDomain = 0
[fsys\adgran]        - ADGran: VFF error in ADGran_ChangeDir:183. Provider status = 0x000C
[fsys\ntfs\img_pdi]  + img_pdi_chgdir.cpp (496):
[fsys\ntfs\img_pdi]  | Error (0xe0008488) calling FS_Ch


[fsys\jet]           - LoadLibraryEx failed for C:\TEMP\Backup Exec\IMG000001\esent.dll.  0x7e, The specified module could not be found.
[fsys\jet]           - FAILED:  JetSetSystemParameter(  0x0, JET_sesidNil, JET_paramDatabasePageSize, 8192(0x2000), (null) )  RC = -1
[fsys\jet]           - Problems with PreCreateInstance prevented execution of CreateInstance.
[fsys\adgran]   -     DSProv:Error status:12 (-1/-1 The function is not yet implemented. ) opening [C:\TEMP\Backup Exec\IMG000001\ntds.dit] at B:420
[fsys\jet]           - Terminating instance CTEMPBackup ExecIMG000001
[fsys\adgran]   -     DSProv:Failed to create the instance for [C:\TEMP\Backup Exec\IMG000001\ntds.dit] at P:154P:


Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V

Backup Exec 2010 R3

Windows 2003 Virtual Machine with Active Directory installed on a Alternate Drive and VHD file.


This issue has been resolved in Backup Exec 2010 R3 Service Pack 2

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Access Denied. Cannot backup directory \zzzVirtApp001zzz and its subdirectories.

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Access is denied


HYPER-V: Active Directory App GRT job to tape fails with Access Denied Cannot backup directory \zzzVirtApp001zzz. Error RemNTDSProv: Failed to create the COM instance

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