How to deal with a problem from the file /etc/ with wrong permission

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Inquiry on permission on file



bash-3.00# ls -la /etc/
-rw-rw-rw-   1 root     root           0 Jan 15 2011 /etc/



Solaris 10



[ Explanation ]
This error will only come when a root user installed JLU first time as at that time only JLU creates a file name as under directory "\etc" with
the Read/Write permission to everyone. So after installation when we launch the Live update for first time with non-root user JLU tries to change the mode of file by using chmod 666.
But since this file is created by root so only root or owner will be having the permission to change the mode of thid file and hence JLU ends up by throwing the error "Error while changing permissions of cache filechmod: /etc/ Operation not permitted".



as root:
cd /etc
chown symcscan:avdefs
chmod 664
Note: The Symantec-provided file was owned by root:root with 666 permissions. 
This is to show how to change the file to be owned by the scanner (symcscan:avdefs) and 664 permissions for improved security.

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[ Description ]
Currently, when Symantec Scan Engine 5.2.10 or upper version is installed, the /etc/Product.Catalog.JavaLiveUpdate file has 666 permissions. 
It is reported that this will cause a healthcheck failure in their environment (they have very strict requirements). 
If possible we would like the default permissions of this file changed to 660, or 664.
Following dir/file permissions are being checked then changed with this fix:
-/opt/Symantec/LiveUpdate (LiveUpdate dir)
Permissions changed to 775 (from 777).
Permissions changed to 664 (from 666).
Permissions changed to 664 (from 666).
Permissions changed to 664 (from 666).
If avdefs group exists, permissions changed to 660 (from 666).
If avdefs group does not exist, permissions changed to 640 (from 646).
In, if the log file already existed, it was setting permissions to 666.
Changed it to 660 (to be consistent with the permissions set by
The only file left with write permissions for the world is jlu.jar.
It is a symbolic link that gets the default permissions of 777.
There is no way command to change the permissions of a symbolic link.

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