Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager displays clients as offline even though the client is showing online

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A Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) reports that a Client Health State is "Off-Line" in status even though when inspecting the record in the client management section shows that "Last Time Status Changed" is within the defined intervals and definitions are current.

On the Symantec Endpoint Protection Client (SEPC), the tray icon indicates a green dot. Within the client, when you select "Help" menu > then to "Troubleshooting" > with "Management" selected > On the right where General Information is displayed: Server is connected; the Group is connected and reflecting the correct policy group; and Last Connected shows a time within the predefined intervals.

When you manually update the content on the manager and/or on the client (by selecting update policy). Status does not change.

When you issue commands: such as update, restart, scans, etc., the commands complete successfully.


Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager - Embedded Database


Embedded Database may contain errors in the indexes


With the SEPM open:

  1. In the left navigation pane, click on "Admin"
  2. In the middle navigation pane, click on "Servers"
  3. In the middle navigation pane, click on "localhost" (in the above listed Servers)
  4. In the middle navigation pane, under tasks, select "Rebuild Indexes Now"
  5. A dialog box will open titled "Rebuild Indexes," Click "RUN" -- Depending on database size, this will take a few to several minutes
  6. Once the dialog box indicates that the rebuild is complete, click on close
  7. Within the tasks section, select "Edit Database Properties"
  8. Under the General Tab>Database Maintenance Tasks> Ensure the check box is selected for Rebuild Indexes
  9. Verify the schedule is acceptable (ex. when SEPM is online and low/no network traffic present)
  10. Click on OK to accept changes
  11. Return to the Clients tab on the left navigation pane > then select the applicable client group
  12. Verify that clients show "Online" health status

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