Setup Wizard hangs at "Deleting Old SQL Objects"

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When running the NS Setup Wizard, the process hangs at "Deleting Old SQL Objects" or "Dropping Old SQL Objects".


Notification Server 6.0 SP3 R1
Altiris Monitor Solution (Core) 6.0.1282, 1289, 1317


This appears to be a problem with the Altiris Monitor Solution (Core). There is another known issue with the Monitor Solution for Altiris Infrastructure causing this problem. In this case, it is just Altiris Monitor Solution (Core).

What's been found is if Monitor Solution (Core) is installed and the setup wizard is run, it will hang at 7 percent, "Deleting old SQL Objects". A SQL trace and Altiris Trace was captured of this. What the SQL trace shows is the the SPID for the setup wixard runs upto the point where it runs an "exec spitemload @ guid='732148Ae..." This completes. The next SQL command is an "exec sp_reset_connection" which also completes. The next SQL command is a query:

Select vComputer.Name As [Machine Name] From Vcomputer
Inner Join Inv_AeX_AC_Client_Agent ClientAgent on vComputer.Guid = ClientAgent._ResourceGuid
Inner Join Inv_AeX_AC_Roles on vComputer.Guid = Inv_Aex_AC_Roles._Resourceguid
where (UPPER(ClientAgent.[Agent Name]) = UPPER('Altiris Monitor Agent'))
AND (UPPER(Inv_AeX_AC_Roles.Role) = UPPER('Motification Server'))
AND (UPPER([OS Name]) Like UPPER('%Windows%'))

The SPID for this query is a new SPID. The original SPID is left in a "Waiting Command" state.

If the Windows\Assembly\GAC\Altiris.Monitor\Solution\6.0.<version>.0__d516cb311efb6e4\Altiris.Monitor.solution.dll is removed and run, the setup wizard doesn't hang.


Workaround: Uninstall Monitor Solution (Core).

Update: This appears to be fixed with Montior Solution 6.0 SP5 (6.0.1337).

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