KNOWN ISSUE: When is a license for Helpdesk 6 consumed and released?

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How are licenses for Helpdesk 6 consumed and released?


There are a few key principles that should be recognized relative to license utilization in Helpdesk 6:

  • First it should be noted that the license agreement is not accurately matched by what is reported in the Altiris Console under Licensing. The Helpdesk license agreement licenses users to be able to use Helpdesk concurrently. The Altiris Console only tracks those licenses that are currently in Helpdesk that have done a license operation since opening a Helpdesk console. Note: In consideration for appropriate licensing, count each worker who will be using Helpdesk concurrently as one license each.
  • Another important distinction to remember is that Alert Manager - the "core" of Helpdesk, is provided free with Altiris Notification Server for basic reporting and event tracking. Any feature natively provided by Alert Manager therefore will not utilize a license from Helpdesk. In determining what should use a license, keep this in mind.
  • Licenses are used and tracked while a browser window is open, and for a delay/cycle of 5 minutes. Thus, if a license is used and the browser is kept open in Helpdesk, it will keep the license. If the browser is closed, the license is kept "in use" for up to 5 minutes and there is a request for license from another user. After that, it is "freed" and available for use by the another user.
  • Regardless of how many Heldpesk consoles a worker has open, the worker will never take more than 1 Helpdesk license.
  • There are examples of functions that require a license to be taken by a client:
    • Creating a ticket. Editing a ticket is part of the core, but creation ability is added by Helpdesk.
    • Managing contacts.
    • Managing workers.
    • Using a worker console. The default console (Incident tab in the Altiris Console) is of course part of core, but the separate "worker" console is made available by the Helpdesk Solution.
    • Managing an email inbox.
    • For more examples what will require a license please look at the Helpdesk Product Guide starting on page 15.

The key to remember is that the license checking in the console is not thorough due to limitations for tracking against current use only. Though other models have been discussed, at this time, users need to be aware of this limitation and purchase licenses in accordance with their contractual agreement.

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