Errors while trying to apply updates after an update fails to complete.

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This article details any problems or errors when trying to apply the PGP Universal Server 3.2.0 PUP update from 3.1.2.  This article may also apply to other versions of the PGP Universal Server product when upgrading to a new version.


The following error messages occur after a failure to install/re-install PGP Universal Server 3.2:

  • PGPException encountered in pgpupdate when installing package: Signature check failed on pup file contents
  • Signature check on updates failed!. Please verify that your system clock is correct.
  • package /var/lib/ovid/updates/ovidclient-deploy- does not exist  
  • Installing update PGP Universal 3.2.0 (Build 1672)



PGP Universal Server 3.2

PGP Universal Server 3.x

PGP Universal Server 2.x


These errors occur when an upgrade is partially installed, but did not finish successfully for an unknown reason. This includes the XML files for the upgrade being currently loaded in the server directories for a completed install even though the install failed.  The server distinguishes these files as the upgraded version and assumes that the install has been completed.


This issue is resolved by removing the XML files for the upgraded version from the server and then restarting the upgrade. This requires connecting to the server via the command line interface.

Accessing the PGP Universal Server command line for read-only purposes (such as to view settings, services, logs, processes, disk space, query the database, etc) is supported. However, performing configuration modifications or customizations via the command line may void your Symantec Support agreement unless the following procedures are followed.

Any changes made to the PGP Universal Server via the command line must be:
  • Authorized in writing by Symantec Technical Support or published as an approved and documented process on the Symantec Knowledge Base.
  • Implemented by a Symantec Partner, reseller or Symantec Technical Support. 
  • Summarized and documented in a text file in /var/lib/ovid/customization  on the PGP Universal Server itself.

Caution: Changes made through the command line may not persist through reboots and may be incompatible with future releases. Symantec Technical Support may also require reverting any custom configurations on the PGP Universal Server back to a default state when troubleshooting new issues.


Use SSH access to delete the upgrade XML files:

1. Login to the PGP Universal Server via SSH


Note: For help using SSH see the following article


2. Delete the .xml files for version 3.2 in the following directories:


File names should look similar to the following:

PGP Universal 3.2.0 (Build 1672)3.2.0.xml
PGP Universal 3.2.0 (Build 1672)3.2.0.update.xml

3. Remove any files related to 3.2.0 in both directories. 


4. Once complete, restart your browser and upload the 3.2.0 pup upgrade file.


5. Install the upgrade. 

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