Live Update Policy fails with status 77 and free space requirements

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When Live Update policy runs to upgrade a client it requires space in /tmp.  If this space if not sufficient,  then you will see 'nbliveup Exit: EXIT STATUS 77'   in the live update log.  


In the liveupdate.log  you will see messages like "The file being retrieved exceeded the maximum allowed size of
734,003,200 bytes"  and also "nbliveup Exit: EXIT STATUS 77"



The free space required in /tmp is not enough to download the upgrade software.



The allowed size of the LiveUpdate package is controlled by the following entries in the LiveUpdate configuration file on the client   



The maxPackageContentSize= and maxPackageSize= values are recorded in bytes with the default limit of 700 MB in NetBackup 7.0.


 In NetBackup 7.1 GA these values were increased to 2GB


In order to determine the amount of space required in /tmp, you need to multiply the size of the zip bundle by 3 and round up the result.
For example: the size of Linux Client patch (  is 1.1 G. Therefore around 4G available in /tmp is required.

Also you can change the download location by modifying the following paramter in /usr/openv/netbackup/nblu.conf


Change this location to a directory which has enough space as per the above information.





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