Unable to unfreeze and bring online service group

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Unable to unfreeze and online service group (SG)


When we try to modify the resource we get this meesage -

# hagrp -enableresource group

VCS WARNING V-16-1-10240 Attempt to modify non-existent resource

When we try to unfreeze we get the followings -

# hagrp -unfreeze SG -sys systemname

VCS WARNING V-16-1-40201 Group is not temporarily frozen

When we try to stop VCS, we get the followings -

hastop -local

# VCS WARNING V-16-1-10461 A Group is frozen


SLES  10

VCS 5.0MP3

"Frozen 1" entry in main.cf file for the Service Group



hagrp -unfreeze SG -persistent

hagrp -flush SG

hagrp -offline SG

hagrp -online SG

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