Duplication job failed with status code 50, client process aborted

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When manually perform Netbackup operations such as duplication, import and label, etc, the jobs failed with client process aborted, status 50.


Client process aborted(50)


Netbackup operations such as duplication, label and import run along with the session.

Thus if they are being run with remote console or terminal but then the session is either logged out, timed out, the related process will be killed.

For duplication, admin log will show the bpduplicate process disappears together with the session without exiting itself.


1. Initiate the operations from Java console

2. Manually create a batch file with corresponding command (bpduplicate, bpimport, bplabel, etc) and run it with Windows scheduler. For details command parameters, please refer to corresponding command reference guide.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH168490

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