The Symantec Scan Engine 5.2.x 64-bit C Command Line Scanner for Linux causes the "glibc detected *** /opt/SYMCScan/ssecls/ssecls: double free or corruption (!prev):" error.

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When using the Linux 64-bit version of the Symantec Scan Engine 5.2.x C Command Line Scanner to run a recursive scan, if the "-log" option is enabled, the command line scanner will throw the error,

"*** glibc detected *** /opt/SYMCScan/ssecls/ssecls: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x00000000100844e0"


*** glibc detected *** /opt/SYMCScan/ssecls/ssecls: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x00000000100844e0


Symantec Scan Engine 5.2.x on 64-bit Linux OS.
64-bit command-line-scanner.


There is a defect in the logging feature of the Linux 64-bit C command line scanner that is causing this error to get thrown.  It appears the recursive scan is completing successfully, but while writing to the log file or while closing the log file the command line scanner is running into the issue. 


Currently the workaround is to keep the "-log" option disabled.  If the output of the recursive scan needs to be saved, the output redirect command on linux can be used to save the results.  For example, "./ssecls –recurse –mode scan /path/to/scan > output.txt".  This issue should be addressed in a future build of Symantec Scan Engine, please follow this KB for updates on when the issue has been resolved within Symantec Scan Engine. 

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