How to fix the problem with "LLT lltconfig ERROR V-14-2-15245 cluster id 345 is already being used by nid 1 and has the address"

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LLT failed to start up



# lltconfig -c
LLT lltconfig ERROR V-14-2-15245 cluster id 345 is already being used by nid 1 and has the address - 00:03:BA:C2:8F:CA
LLT lltconfig ERROR V-14-2-15664 LLT could not configure any link



SFHA5.1SP1 for Solaris 10



This is CE driver issue and beacuse of that LLT gets extra bytes (7 bytes) at receiver side.
This is causing LLT to start automatically.
 However, once LLT is started there is no issue because in LLT driver it truncates these extra bytes but in lltconfig command which starts LLT it does not truncate these extra butes beacuse it never expected such extra bytes.
As for this behavior, the fix was privided to handle this as a workaround to this CE driver issue through the incident 2413983 below.



#lltconfig -c -n O -o
#svcadm clear llt
VRTSllt5.1SP1P1 which will include the fix for the incident 2413983
However, it is strongly recommended to install VRTSllt5.1SP1RP2 where an additional fix (e2439895) has been added few more additional checks in LLT just to make the code more robust in such faulty nic/driver scenarios
So once RP2 will be released, it may be required to install accordingly.

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During LLT startup it should check that whether the configured cluster id is already being used by some other running cluster. If yes, then it should fail the LLT configuration.
It works if the node ids of the duplicate clusters do not exist in the llthosts file of the local cluster, but doesn't work if llthost file contains the node ids with different hostname.
Details of verification :-
-Formed a 1 node cluster with LLT/GAB stack running.
-On second node,updated the /etc/llthost file with same node ids but different hostnames as the running 1 node cluster.
-The cluster id for second node is also same as running 1 nodes cluster id.
-Try to configure LLT on second node, It gives duplicate cluster id error.

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