Cumulative patch and rollout policy for Symantec pcAnywhere Plug-in for Windows version 12.5

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Multiple issues have been reported with the pcAnywhere Plug-in for Windows (also known as the Symantec pcA Agent) since the release of Service Pack 2 (version 12.5.539).  Previously, these patches were available as a set of files to be deployed by the customer's choice of automation.  This article includes a cumulative set of patches (a patch "rollup"), along with a patch policy and filter, which automate the deployment of the latest patches for the pcAnywhere Agent plug-in.

Following is a list of fixes included:
1) 2051583 - pcAnywhere ADS authentication fails with Slash ('/') character in a Name field
2) 2074083 - Unable to add AD users or groups with the '&' symbol to the authentication tab. The following error occurs:
   "The data could not be loaded"
3) 2090793 - Hostname is limited to 24 characters within the Remote Control window of the Symantec Management Console
4) 2152871 - "Add Active directory User or Group" dialog stays blank or shows dialog "No data"
5) 2175217 - During remote control session with 64-bit Win 7 hosts, sending Ctrl+Alt+Del control causes remote video display to freeze or corrupt
6) 2195425 - "Remote Connection Attempted" dialog never appears on Win7 64-bit host computers
7) 2200480 - pcAnywhere reports from the Symantec Management console does not display the expected data
8) 2232128 - "Invalid login" error occurs during the authentication,if pcAnywhere encounters an AD object of type "inetOrgPerson"
9) 2238935 - Add Active Directory users or groups dialog only shows one domain, but a.log shows many domains.
10) 2249578 - CIF files are missing from some managed computers with pcA Agent

11) 1914149 - When a remote computer used to try to connect to the host computer, the connection used to establish even when the user did not accept the request to add the remote computer.  NOTE: The inclusion of this "privacy patch" is optional, as described below.


One or more of the following messages may appear:

A host is currently waiting

pcAnywhere Host
Unable to launch the selected pcanywhere host because another pcanywhere host is running

pcAnywhere - Security Alert
The pcAnywhere host you are attempting to run is configured for caller
authentication, but no caller items could be found. You must define at least one caller before you can use this host item.

Invalid login. Please Try Again.

pcAnywhere cannot connect because it is already connected



  • Symantec Management Platform 7.0
  • pcAnywhere Solution Agent plug-in version 12.5.539


This patch applies only to Symantec pcAnywhere Solution 12.5.539. Verify the build number through the Symantec Installation Manager. 

To apply this patch to the Notification Server (NS):

  1. Logon to the NS as the Application Identity account.
  2. Download one the attached files to the NS, and extract the contents.
    The files within maintain the original behavior of the pcAnywhere Agent plug-in. 
    The files within includes changes to the behavior which Symantec has previously described as the "privacy patch". 
    See the table in the following article for an explanation:
    Only download the second file listed, "", if you intend to implement the behavior of the "privacy patch".
  3. Create backup copies of the following files from C:\Program Files\Altiris\pcA\Config, and store the backup files in another location: pcA_Agent.config, pcA_Filters.config, pcA_Inventory.config, pcA_Reports.config, pcA_ResourceDataClasses.config, pcA_SWD.config.
  4. Replace the existing files with the files provided in this patch under \TECH168996\ServerComponent\ConfigFilesToBeReplaced.
  5. Create a backup copy of the file C:\Program Files\Altiris\pcA\Web\Bin\Symantec.pcA.Web.dll, and store the backup file in another location.
  6. Replace the existing file Symantec.pcA.Web.dll with the newer version provided in this patch under \TECH168996\ServerComponent.
  7. Create a backup copy of the file C:\Program Files\Symantec\pcAnywhere\winawsvr.exe, and store the backup file in another location.
  8. Replace the existing file winawsvr.exe with the newer version provided in this patch under \TECH168996\ServerComponent.
  9. Copy the "pcAAgentPatch" folder from the attached zip file into “C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\bin\Win32\X86” on the NS.
  10. Open a Command Prompt.
  11. Run the following commands: 
    cd "\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin"
    AexConfig  /configure "C:\Program Files\Altiris\pcA\Config\pcA.config"
  12. When the AexConfig program finishes, restart IIS by running the command IISRESET from the Command Prompt.
  13. Open Altiris Log Viewer to verify that the configuration updates succeeded with no errors.

To apply this patch to managed computers which have the Symantec pcAnywhere Agent version 12.5.539:

  1. Open the Symantec Management Console.
  2. Click Settings > All Settings.
  3. Expand Agents/Plug-insRemote Management Remote Control Windows
  4. Select the new policy "Install pcAnywhere patch on Windows"
  5. Set this policy to On and click Save Changes.  

 Once the patch is applied to a managed computer, the version of the pcAnywhere Agent will be 12.5.542.


Original behavior without "privacy patch" (537 kBytes)

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