Unable to connect to FTP site via Web Browser or FTP client when directing traffic though the Symantec Web Gateway Proxy.

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Attempting to use FTP Cients or Web Browsers to connect to an FTP site through the Symantec Web Gateway setup with FTP Proxy results in no access to the FTP site.


In a packet capture the following information is displayed coming back from the FTP Proxy:

220 Frox trasnparent ftp proxy. Login with username[@host[:port]|

530 Please login with USER first

530 Please login with USER first

530 Please login with USER first



Web Browsers by default are not setup to handle the login pattern which the FTP Proxy requires to authenticate traffic to an FTP Site through a Proxy, while most FTP clients include settings which can be set to accomodate various proxy situations.


For most FTP Clients you can edit the Preferences and select a Proxy Server type of user@host:port which will provide the proper pattern for authenticating through our FTP Proxy.

FireFox web browser users can download the "FoxyProxy Standard" addon, and configure it to use the following pattern: USER %hu@%hh:%h0 PASS %hp

For all Web Browsers or FTP clients the following workaround will proxy FTP traffic through the Symantec Web Gateway using the HTTP proxy port.

  1. Go to Start / Settings / Control Panel and choose Internet Options
  2. Click on the Connections tab, and choose LAN Settings.
  3. Select Proxy Server and click on Advanced button.
  4. For the FTP setting add the Proxy IP Address and HTTP Proxy Port for the Symantec Web Gateway.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH169665

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