Multiple location Organization Views causes performance problems when thousands of locations exist

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Customer reported multiple issues regarding performance.
1. When the customer navigates around the SMP Console under Manage>Organizational Views and Groups, when he expand any of the tree views under their Organizational Views and Groups the only thing that they see is the icon without names (as described in KB TECH166965 "Unable to load computer list or Organizational Views. Some objects in the Organizational Views tree do not load completely (icon with no name)" ).
2. As well, when customer tries to 'Create a new Location', the popup page takes a long time to load the currently available Organizational Views.




1.  Pages where Organizational Views are displayed may time out or take a long time to load.
2.  You may see the security cache log warning 'Security cache size is too small. A size of at least {0.EN_US} is required for the current operation' - which can be used to estimate a lower amount for the security cache size required.


Symantec Management Platform 7.1
Asset Solution 7.1


Because of the fact that we populate 3 Organizational Views for each location (Assets by Location, Users by Location, Contracts by Location) that is imported, the security gets bloated and ends up causing performance issues.


This has been reported to our Symantec Development team.

The current workaround is the following:

1. Uncheck the option ‘Enable automatic updating of Organizational Hierarchies’ on the Organizational Hierarchy Settings page.  Settings> Service and Asset Management> CMDB Solution> Organizational Hierarchy Settings.

2. Under Manage> Jobs and Tasks> System Jobs and Tasks> Service and Asset Management> CMDB> Update Organizational Hierarchy. 

a.       Select the Organizational Hierarchies that we do want to have updated.

b.      Ensure that Only update resource membership is NOT selected

c.       Define a schedule for this to run on.  Daily may be a good point to start.

3.       3. Run attached SQL script. Note: As a prevention step, make sure you have a recent backup of your database.

4.       4. In Windows go to Administrative Tools> Task Scheduler.  Select the Task Scheduler Library folder.  Locate the NS.Quarter-Hour schedule and run it after running the sql from step 3.

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