KNOWN ISSUE: Upgrade causes the video driver to revert back to 800 x 600 instead of maintaining the configured screen resolution.

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The first time a system is started after upgrade the display is reverted and requires a reboot to be properly configured.



When the layer is activated the DIRCACHE and KEYCACHE files are automatically generated. Parts of these files control the configured screen resolution. However, on the first reboot these files are generated after the display settings are set which causes the reverted display settings.



1)      Manually generate the DIRCACHE and KEYCACHE files. The packaging best practice is to activate the layer at least once before you export it so that the cache files are generated.
2)      Create the package on a Windows 7 machine where the COMMONAPPDATA and the ALLUSERPROFILE are already configured correctly. If you create a package on Windows XP, or on an older version of SWV, then you need to move data between these two directories the first time the layer is activated.

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Value2390437 - Upgrading to SWV 6.4.1266 causes the video driver to revert back to 800 x 600 instead of maintaining its configured screen resolution.

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