Patch Management Licensing and Client Inventories fail to return to the Notification Server.

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Licensing fails to portray the proper count of clients.

Reporting does not display the proper count of clients.

Microsoft Vulnerability Analysis Policy is targeting the proper client count for the filter: 'Computers with Software Update Plug-in Installed'



Patch Management 7.1 SP1, SP2, MP1.x and 7.5


All required packages are not included in the Software Update Plug-in Package.

Clients fail to obtain all needed packages, they report as having the Plug-in, but they do not have the ability to return Patch Inventories and request a license.


Please review the following:

  1. Run the following SQL Script to view the License In Use table and ensure the client is pulling a valid license:
    • DECLARE @Product AS NVARCHAR (200)
      --Enter the guid of the solution or its name.  
      --If it is only part of the guid or name make sure to use % symbals as needed. 
      SET @Product = 'Altiris Patch Management Solution'

      SELECT vp.Name, vc.Name, vc.Domain, liu.* 
      FROM LicenseInUse liu
      JOIN vProduct vp ON vp.Guid = liu.LicensingPolicyGuid
      JOIN vComputer vc ON vc.Guid = liu.ResourceGuid
      WHERE vp.Name LIKE @Product OR vp.Guid LIKE @Product
      ORDER BY vp.Name, vc.Name
  2. Check to ensure the Microsoft Vendor Policy / Resources are in order
    • Resolution outlined in KM: TECH164471 (Contact Support for the PointFix)
  3. Check client to ensure it has packages
    • Software Update Plug-in
    • Windows System Assessment Scan 
    • Patch Install Tools
      • Check the download history tab for each of these 3 packages
      • Check the run history tab for each of these 3 packages
      • Review the steps outlined on KM: TECH158125 for troubleshooting Software Update Plug-in Not Ready
  4. Check the Package Server GUI to ensure the packages are received
    • Note: Patch Windows System Assessment Scan = name of package
    • Check the GUI and run Update Package / Refresh Package / Resend Package info
      • All buttons on the Package Server tab to refresh
    • Check the Logs to see if there are any problems
  5. Check the settings on the Console
    • Ensure the Sites are targeted properly within the subnet
    • Ensure the package servers have the Task Server Services installed
    • Ensure the package servers in each subnet / site have at least 1 Unconstrained Package Server to pull packages from the NS (Constrained = only pulls packages from other Package Servers in the subnet / site).
    • HOWTO1109 for pre 7.1 SP1 environments to resync
    • 7.1 SP1 Environments:
      • From the Package Server
        • Stop the agent service
        • Delete all snapshot.xml files from all subfolders under “.\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Package Delivery\” (this is not the same as deleting them on the NS, which is what I oppose doing.
        • Delete all folders and contents under “.\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Package Server Agent\PackageStatus\”
        • Start the agent service
            Advisory: Some NS Core engineers still use the KM in SP1 without problems, but one Backline Engineer has advised against it.
    • Ensure the Vendor Policy > Policy and Package Settings are in order
      • Set to run 'All Package Servers' or 'Package Servers Individually' and enable the individual package servers.
        • PM 7.1 SP1: Outlined on KM: HOWTO56242 in step #4
        • PM 7.X: Outlined on KM: HOWTO9835 under heading: 'Configure the Settings for the Microsoft Vendor Policy:'
      • Caution: the setting - 'Package Servers automatically with manual prestaging' does not appear to function properly
  6. The Client should have the Package at this point –
    • Check logs to ensure scan is completed
    • May need to review KM: TECH169557 if the client still fails to return inventory or pull a licence.
  7. Review the following for troubleshooting failed PMImport:
     PM 7.1 SP1: TECH166778
     PM 7.X: HOWTO10440
     PM 6.2: HOWTO10277

 Informational: See HOWTO59456 for more details regarding how a Patch Management License is consumed

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