Out of Band Management Solution does not recognise a remote configuration certificate installed to an external server

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Under the Home > Remote Management > Out of Band Management > Getting Started Intel AMT > Configure General Settings menu (also found at Settings > All Settings > Remote Management > Out of Band Management > Configuration Service Settings > General), there is an option to allow remote configuration.  The server will report if a Remote Configuration certificate is installed.  However, if the main Intel SCS service is installed to an external server, other than the Symantec Management Platform server, this will always report no certificate is installed.


Symantec Management Platform 7.x
Out of Band Management Solution 7.x

Off-box Intel AMT SCS server


Although custom configuration can be implimented to install the Intel AMT SCS services to a different server, the Out of Band Management Solution was designed to use an on-box installation of SCS.  It lacks the ability to check external sources for the SCS remote management certificate.


This is working as designed.  The Remote Configuration certificate can still work, as it is a function of Intel's AMT SCS services, not Symantec's Out of Band Management solution.  Other features of the Out of Band Management Solution are not effected.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH170672

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