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A Symantec product has a technical issue.  Steps to resolve this issue have not been determined.


Symantec Help (SymHelp) is a multi-product diagnostic utility designed for identifying common issues, gathering data for support assisted troubleshooting and providing links to other customer self-help and support resources.  SymHelp also provides licensing and maintainance status for some Symantec products as well as a utility, the Threat Analysis Scan, which can aid in the discovery of potential malware.

Latest Update

In our latest release (2.1.70) we improved the discovery of customer entitlements for the case creation process. In addition, some defects were fixed and enhancements added.


Supported Products

Currently SymHelp supports the following Symantec products:
·         Symantec Backup Exec 11d and later   
·         Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 6.5 to 8.x
·         Symantec Data Loss Prevention 11.0 and later
·         Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 and later*
·         Symantec Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 and later
·         Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 6.5.2 and later*
·         Symantec System Recovery 2010 to 2013 R2
*Includes reporting on product license status (see About the Licensing Dashboard in Symantec Help (SymHelp))
Supported Operating Systems
SymHelp will run on Windows operating systems supported by the Symantec products that SymHelp supports.  However, to run on Windows 2008 R2 Server Core, one of the following command-line switches is required:
  • -net2
  • -mono
Who is SymHelp designed for?
SymHelp is designed to assist customers and support personnel with data gathering and troubleshooting.
What does SymHelp do to my computer?
SymHelp performs checks by gathering information from the local computer and analyzing it. SymHelp does not permanently alter any files on the computer unless the user explicitly agrees to this when specially prompted.  SymHelp does not permanently install anything on your computer when it runs.
Does this utility support remote connections?
Yes.  You can run the utility over an RDP connection or by using other commercial remote administration utilities.
The utility didn't help me. What next?
In the event that the utility is unable to diagnose your issue, contact Technical Support:
You can proactively use SymHelp to gather data that Technical Support will need to resolve your issue:
Acquiring the tool
To acquire the tool, follow this link: Symantec Help 
Using the tool
After you start SymHelp, SymHelp checks to see if you have at least .NET 2.0 on the system.  If not, SymHelp will provide a prompt with the following optons:
  • Download and install .NET
  • Download and run a version of SymHelp (SymHelp_noCLR.exe) that can run on that system
  • Exit
For more information on SymHelp_noCLR.exe, follow this link: Running SymHelp without .NET
If SymHelp finds an update, it updates and restarts itself automatically.  Once you have the latest version, click the "I accept the EULA" to go to the Home page.
Note: If you make any system changes after running the tool, you must run the tool again to ensure an accurate report.
The Home page
In the left hand column, SymHelp provides a list of scan options after identifying which of the SymHelp supported Symantec products are installed.  Once this identification is made, the scan buttons are displayed with the list of installed products displayed below. 
In the middle column, scan results are displayed once a scan is completed.  The results will contain links to the reports that the scans may generate. 
In the right-hand column, a list of buttons provides online Technical Support options.  
On the bottom of the Home page is a dashboard showing various system resource utilization statistics.  
Once a scan is complete additional buttons will be displayed along side of the Home button in the blue bar along the top of the window.  These buttons depend on the scan options selected and may include the following:  Load Point, SPE, Report, Information and Save.
Threat Analysis Page
For more information on this page go to...
The Report Page
If you are experiencing an issue with a supported Symantec product select the Report page button to see a list of issue reports. These reports are grouped by product and have four possible status levels:
  • Error:  The report has determined that there is an issue that needs to be addressed 
  • Warning: The report has determined that there might be an issue that needs to be addressed
  • Ok:  The report has determined that there is not an issue
  • Missing Data:  The report was unable to complete because required data is missing 
Each report contains one or more tests which provide more specific information.  Each report also contains the button 'Click here for solution' that links to a public knowledge base document that describes the issue in greater detail. 
The Information Page
The Information page outlines general information about your computer, such as available disk space, operating system information, etc.  It also includes Symantec product specific information when a supported Symantec product is detected.
The Save Page
This page allows the user to specify contextual information and to direct the saving and 7zip compression of the gathered data into a file with the extension .sdbz. This file is typically delivered to Support in order to assist Support in the troubleshooting of an issue that SymHelp's reports have not already been able to provide a resolution for.
Command-line Options
SymHelp can be run from a command line with a number of command line options. For detailed information, read the document:
SymHelp FAQ
For more information regarding SymHelp follow this link:  Symantec Help (SymHelp) FAQ
Release Notes for SymHelp
Build (1/26/2015)
Improved discovery of customer entitlements in case creation process
3047371 Capture dcom application's Security for Launch and activation permissions, Access Permissions, Configuration Permissions
3638435 EPConsole latest version report states Console instead of Manager
3640435 Improve UAC prompt detection in pre-install report
3644191 TECH92093: Update to SymHelp (and 7zip)
3676372 Request for additional data grab for RU5 SEPMs
3687381 Collect logs for Symantec.cloud version of Symantec Endpoint Protection
3687884 RPC service wrongly reported as set to BootStart
3695524 Unnecessary file collection related to parsing catalog.dat
3705225 EPClient feature is reported as PartiallyFunctional in the Information report when it is not installed
3710383 URL is not correctly resolving link for: "Backup exec debugging status" Report.
Build (1/15/2015)
Build (1/12/2015)
Discontinued support for .NET 1.0 and no .NET
3054049 Unnecessary file information collection for files in definition directories
3455738 [SEP WPP] Collect SEP WPP logs as a series of successive log files
3540453 Add collection of fltmc command output to SEP client data collection
3545615 Collect permissions for SMSMSE folders and keys
3545623 Mask LiveUpdate Administrator password in serdef.dat
3557452 Collect *ExeMonadE2k10_E2k15.log
3622979 Change language in the latest version report from end-of-life to end of limited support
3627359 Debug logs do not appear in the SMSMSE client Debug Logs view
3627366 SMSMSE.blg (performance data) not showing in binary or Performance Data view
3644229 [SEP WPP] GlobalLogger fails
3648081 Update SEP AV log event ids and log sources
3665453 Incorrect owning dbsrv##.exe shown in EPConsole ports table under Information tab
3671595 [Ferrari SEPM Permissions] Collect gpresult with EPConsole standard data collection
3671606 [Ferrari SEPM Permissions] Fail to collect out.log*
3675851 Set SEP client and SEPM 11.x and 12.0.x to unsupported on January 5, 2015
3683865 Do not exclude enumerating some directories in EPConsole All data collection
3692458 Updated serdef.dat profile parser, includes RU5 settings etc.
3694049 SSR Latest version report is not accurately reporting SSR 2013 R2 as current.
Build (12/3/2014)
3662059 SEP 12.1 RU5 upgraded from RU3 is still detected as RU3
3663097 Update SSR latest version report to indicate changes to SSR 2013 R2 is the latest version.
3668046 EV Vault Stores mislabeled in SymHelp
3672431 Exception when viewing File Explorer > Permissions on some .sdbz's
3675737 Telemetry: uncaughtexception in ExpTreeItem.GetPermissions
Build (11/12/2014)
3181955 Permissions set to date 1/1/0001 for drives
3617667 [Core] Collect permissions on httpd.conf for SEPM
3660934 Telemetry: uncaughtexception System.InvalidOperationException: The Application object is being shut down
3660975 Telemetry:XmlException: in RPIHC_IISVirtualDirectoryConflict.xaml 'dcOs' is an undeclared namespace
3660993 SymHelp GA 2.1.52 opens to Norton UI if a Norton product is installed, or displays choice menu if no products are installed
3661039 Telemetry: scan_cmd_error from SMSMSE in CheckCMAFDirPermissions and various FileUtil methods no longer work correctly
3661084 Unable to get to the bottom of a large event log error description without copying into an editor
3661957 SSR 2011 minimum requirements is reporting errors for OS and .Net version checks when they are OK.
Build (11/10/2014)
2614459 Add Tamper Protection logs to parsed logs
3252553 Add TSE debug logging to SEP client debug logging advanced settings dialog
3268095 Permissions not available in File Explorer and Registry Explorer views
3321814 Re-collected files do not update file attributes/size/etc. in the database
3368538 Cannot filter date column
3402879 Using control-A fails to export any highlighted data to file
3467824 Provide additional basic information in Scheduled Tasks view
3473949 Add a script command to capture output from "fsutil" for all attached Hard disks.
3479605 [EVDS] FeedBack Comments From EV Support Team.
3481405 [Install Logs] Change SEP product log collection to 14 days for standard data collection
3489795 Restart smc for sylink debug logging
3587569 Difficult to expand last column in grid view
3589703 Collect IIS logs for SMSMSE
3607181 SEP Client Small Business Edition not impacted by SYM14-013
3621602 [Autorun] EPClient Autorun report false negative warning when SEP A&DC policy is not present
3627109 SymHelp failed to record correct time zone
3635678 Text file font is LilyUPC on Windows 8.1
3635687 Collect debug.log.bak for SEP client
3636480 Allow user to choose between display formats in text/html viewer
3636656 LP on .net 2.0 when collecting hashes for directories, in this case the desktop directory
3636670 Disable BE debugging feature in SymHelp
3640481 Symhelp is not enabling SEP debug mode
3641180 Options Tab for my 11.0.1 environment does not have the ‘Archive Explorer’ button visible, however in SymHelp viewer it shows the options is Not Enabled.
3641275 Viewer "Export all sub-views" feature is confusing; needs progress bar and better wording
3647376 Update SMSMSE for version 7.0.3 (detect as valid release)
3647520 SEP AV log parsing is broken; doesn't separate log fields into different columns
3648008 Update text for right-click menu on EPClient's disk usage report
3648011 TSE debug logging is not disabled when SMC logging is disabled
3648319 SymHelp is not identifying and enumerating Cmaf registry keys & directories for SMSMSE 7.5
3652719 Error The process dbsrv16 (Process ID 8960) is listening on the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager default port 2638
3653188 SMSMSE Check User Groups & Permissions report is not correctly identifying permissions.
3657047 Change the path for smc in EPClient's Sylink debug logging
3657786 Update EPConsole Security Advisory report for SYM14-015
3657903 SymHelp System Requirement report for SSR 2013 is not showing support for SBS installation.
Build (10/8/2014)
Build (10/7/2014)
2833642 New Report: Your debug is on
3531851 Exporting event logs causes UI to appear
3623615 TECH165646 Error 1075 The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion.
3628576 Collect System Recovery Restore logs from %systemdrive%\vprorecovery
3630270 Cannot open .sddb
3631585 Increase event log collection
3634106 Alter the 'Open or Manage Support Case' link on the Home page to direct to the automated data upload workflow
3634192 Cannot open .sddb when filename is given via the command line
3634493 Update CED URL For TECH49804
3634496 ADD CED URL FOr TEch139751
3634649 Remove video links from UI and Help menu
3634660 Add a "Did you know" banner to the home page to advertise our case creation/update feature
3634661 Add "Open a new case" to the "My case isn't listed here" options
3634736 Collect System Recovery Restore logs from %windir%\Panther\
Build (9/30/2014)
SymHelp Data Upload to Symantec Case Management System
3587557 Unable to update row with sdupdate.dat
Build (9/24/2014)
3493738 Present MD5 hash for FTP uploaded files
3533238 [Ferrari] Add SMR Definitions to definition corruption report
3533243 [Ferrari] Add HIDefs to definition corruption report
3533245 [Ferrari] Add Host Integrity and SMR Definitions to the Information page
3534446 [Ferrari] Update SEP client and manager services reports to match SEP 12.1.5000+ services
3537947 Stronger language in case number dialog
3539253 [Ferrari] Add Symantec Endpoint Protection Launcher service (port 8447) to SEPM configuration report
3565330 Memory Information collection in SymHelp for Virtual memory is wrong.
3567444 [Ferrari] Add SEP "Ferrari" as latest build of SEP and SEPM
3567471 [Ferrari] Remove Dev specific data collection commands on release of Ferrari
3572594 SymHelp - Windows 8.1 is detected as Windows 2012 R2
3579672 [Disk Usage] Evaluate SEP Client disk usage report
3582156 [SMSMSE ENH] Create SMSMSE services report
3582161 [SMSMSE ENH] Create an SMSMSE debug is on report
3587233 Add CHF Version released for EV 11 in Symhelp
3589170 EV version 10.0.0 is not recognized by SymHelp
3593489 Client manager communications report links to same document as other link
3601570 Add BESernum.xml contents to the Information report for Backup Exec Server.
3604698 Add mapping of "App.Current.PrivateTempDir" to FsRegMap.
3604703 Add command to format/parse besernum.xml to a user friendly format.
3604743 [Ferrari] Update system requirements for SEP 12.1 RU5 Client and Manager
3604809 Update to SMR 4.3
3615340 Improve data-not-collected warning box
3618433 Autorun report shows two blank missing information tests
3620741 Refactor MajorVersion to MajorRelease for data path mapping in EPClient
3620871 [Ferrari] Set Sylink registry path
3621991 BESR latest version report says BESR is the latest version
3623212 [Ferrari] Host Integrity definitions are corrupt when they are not present report false positive
3625331 ScHawkingDefs appears to hang
3626291 ScPerfMon takes a long time to complete
3626395 Upload consumer sdbzs to a different FTP folder than enterprise sdbzs
3626611 Debug actions using logman to stop WPP logging (-wal) fail
Build (8/11/2014)
3380043 [SMSMSE ENH] Add debug logging option for SMSMSE
3504456 Russian language support
3512490 Symhelp should include office version
3539094 Remove unused arrows
3561058 [SMSMSE ENH] Add link to Code Project Open License in Help file's Third Party IP Attribution page
3564725 Information Report is displaying the domain logon server for username instead of the actual domain name
3565933 Capture Extended BE log files. (Catalog, dbagents, Devices)
3572667 Failure to collect scm-ui*.log or .err
3579344 SEP drive space report is using the incorrect free space amount
3579389 Collect last portion of oversized SEPM logs
3583606 Up to 9 files can be in a Security Response zip file; not 10
3584798 If file upload aborts with an error, UI remains on upload progress screen after the error message box
3585382 Update SEP client security advisory report for SYM14-013
3585385 Update SEP client latest version report to include SEP 12.1 RU4 MP1b
3587038 EVDS: License information were not collected for EV 9
3587548 After opening a report, upload is greyed out
Build (7/17/2014)
Build (7/14/2014)
Licensing Dashboard (SEPM and SMSMSE)
3266303 SONAR Best Practice report (for SEP and TAS)
3400947 Change latest version report for SEP 11.0.x client and console to indicate "end of life"
3411623 Standard data collection for SEP support doesn't get information on SEPM server data folder when the path is different from install path
3514700 Seclog Event information display
3521371 Unable to upload openned .sdbz
3526978 Lock value missing in .html serdef.dat
3548075 Make CPU and memory gauges on home screen auto-updating
Build (6/24/2014)
3368332 SymHelp with the -enable and -disable command line switches is generating a .sdbz file
3465368 Collect OS/SNAC related registry keys
3470716 Viewer Tree Adjustments
3501673 Change Policy views of EV.
3504176 Change Desktop policy view of EV.
3508019 Threat Scan sends exception ping when not running as Administrator
3517809 Copying the report and I receive this crash report
3525366 Change MailBox Policy view of EV.
3526884 Threat Scan: Don't log that the reputation database is unavailable when SMR sends the message WarningReputationInfoNotAvailable
3529301 Missing CED rule for report epclient.epclient_report_remoteregistryservice.0
3530719 Top Telemetry error ScVSSWriters times out
3534260 SSR Report has OK status when GetVSSWriters() times out
3534469 NIS Beta: If UI is in Consumer Products mode, resource links for "All Products" take you to the enterprise products page
3535543 Command-line parameter -spe exception
3537535 change values displayed in "Name" column at Os\User\Computer Names
3538556 Language change does not change mouse hover messages for -Error/Warning/Missing Data/ OK checkboxes
3539914 EVDS : Broken Links For KB Articles.
3541580 Change lpa test of "file size between 50Kb - 100Kb to 10kb - 100kb
3541649 Change date to a max of 100 instead of 150
Build (6/2/2014)
Enterprise Vault self-help reports and data collection
3091077 The file name have the format CaseNumber-ServerName-Date-Time.sdbz
3283863 EPConsole IIS configuration report possible false positive indicates SEPM script maps incorrectly configured
3299138 Hide the "Save" menu item in the File menu until a scan, tool or threat analysis has been completed
3355382 Restore SEP/SEPM system requirements report to common issues scan
3364768 Collect traffic log application column data
3368482 Exception after changing grid views when changing language
3387594 Update Help for SymHelp v2.1.20.160
3467421 When the test text is very long, text should be wrapped up.
3474998 Telemetry uncaught exception: in Grid.GridRangeInfo.ToCellSpan
3498458 Extra servers listed in Information report Server (sylink.xml) list
3499634 Language KM search needs a spinner to indicate it is search as opposed to showing 0 documents found.
3506993 SymHelp:Lanuguage:Japanese translates to English
3510184 Over Translation: Japanese EULA has comapny name "Symantec" localized.
3511782 Some SIS_INST logs not collected for SEP 12.1 RU4
3513021 No tests for RHC_IEESC if embedded database is present
3513760 Update latest version report for SEPM to v12.1.4104.4130
3513765 SEPM security advisory CVE-2014-0160 false negative on build 12.1.4100.4126 as not vulnerable
3514915 Translate.Cloud KB searches have stopped working
3516310 Configure BE best practice and preinstall reports to test and report BE 2014.
3523622 Update to latest Syncfusion libraries
Build (5/9/2014)
3505780 Properly display collected files in views for SMSMSE
3506967 serdef.dat not displayed as html in Viewer
Note: Builds are now numbered evenly. There will be no released build 2.1.25 or 2.1.27 etc…
Build (5/7/2014)
3072112 Add additional information to RBP_IPSStatus report in EPClient
3216867 [Extract] Export event logs into their original form using cmdline export options
3342186 Performance counter data appears incorrect
3401986 Exception: Illegal characters in path when using a quoted path in the command-line
3446559 Eula needs to be localized
3449252 ScBinaryFiles() does not create sub-directory structure in final SDBZ archive.
3449282 Collect LuConfig.xml, LuDownloadedContentArray.xml and LuSesmContentCatalog.xml from EPConsole
3453820 CleanWipe log is not collected by SymHelp
3466624 [LightCycle] Update EPClient and EPConsole for 12.1 RU4 MP1
3467862 Update SSR latest version report with 2013 RU2
3470798 [SMSMSE 7.5] Update SMSMSE latest version report for 7.5
3470799 [SMSMSE 7.5] Update system requirements report for 7.5
3473646 Viewer shows "LPA Data" under other scans when you do only a standard data scan for EPClient
3473882 Enhance ScEventLog() to also use EventLog.Source.
3473886 File Sizes are not sorting correctly
3473908 Add additional event log capture for "All Data" BE option "All Windows Application and System Event Logs Entries”
3482753 Display file version info by default in file list views
3486459 EP Console report "... recommendations for SEP Managers 12.1..." is not differentiating between full SQL & Express editions.
3487508 Enumerate GUP directories
3487530 Limit IIS log collection to 90 days for Standard data collection
3487944 Some Reg keys not collected by Symhelp
3490006 Add prompt in FTP upload if there is no case number
3492090 Installed Applications > Applications sorted incorrectly
3493881 enable ev
3499428 SSR KBCLICK for SSR.RBP_NetworkPorts.0 does not have a corresponding Technote link.
3499496 Possible false positive on completed TAS report
Build (3/14/2014)
3368462 Add dedicated view under "Raw logs and files" for WPP logs, when collected.
3458213 NullReferenceException while copying threat item details to clipboard
3458560 NullReferenceException in Smr.LpaData.WriteProgram()
Build (3/10/2014)
2255167 Report: Is the date correct?
2434106 [SMSMSE ENH] Web service client
2957976 [SATISFYCUSTOMER] Save warning when running only self-help reports
2971612 Add check for SEP client to RptExceptions
3026598 New EPConsole report: "Is Enhanced Security for Internet Explorer enabled?"
3136673 Export single file with 'Save As' dialog if there is a name conflict in the target directory
3206863 SymHelp fails to write to Application Event Log
3210413 False positive in AutoRun Best Practice report
3227131 Update KB/Help/Training for 'Check VIP Server Connectivity' tool
3228591 Results: Side effect information does not appear for SPE/LPA items
3276250 Options: Add option to scan custom folders recursively to LPA
3276267 Update serdef.dat file xsl (3.11)
3287410 Hardcoded English text in MsftOs
3287424 Hardcoded English text in SMSMSE
3287428 Hardcoded English text in SymcProd
3288449 Viewer: Create a view for LPA that shows the scoring tests for each file in a table view
3306760 Unable to copy a System Setting that is pointing to a file
3325712 Remove requirement for -s from -lpa and -spe command-line in the manual page
3332272 False positive report: Disable the Windows AutoRun feature incorrect on Windows Vista SP2
3344620 Merge SPE and LPA into one Threat Analysis Scan
3347816 EPConsole "Configured Ports" report indicates error on four applications
3364841 [SMSMSE ENH] Collect the entire contents of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\SMSMSE
3366251 "Locate" button in SPE report doesn't work for item "ess browser favorites.exe" on Tim's system
3367137 symhelp.exe -s -noup -forsupport generates a crash
3367396 Enhance command-line parser (C++ and C#) to accept em dashes and en dashes in place of the hyphen
3368409 LPA test for file recency incorrectly indicates which date was used for scoring
3368576 [SMSMSE ENH] Collect key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\MSExchangeIS\VirusScan
3368610 [SMSMSE ENH] Collect logs in C:\SmsmseSetupLogs
3372300 [SMSMSE ENH] Collect the last 30 days of Application and Event logs in the Standard data collection
3373111 SymHelp should support collecting SMR wpp logs for Ferrari
3373241 Update SMSMSE latest version report to match version 7.0.2
3373544 Add test to Autorun report that determines if Application and Device Control is blocking access
3380035 [SMSMSE ENH] Improve scope of Get-TransportAgent command
3381196 [SMSMSE ENH] Add typical performance monitoring data
3381299 [SMSMSE ENH] Collect Exchange Best Practices reports
3381302 [SMSMSE ENH] Create Exchange Best Practices Report (2007/2010) using ExBpaCMD.exe
3381438 Add SEP 11.0.780.1109 as a valid release build
3382565 Update EPClient and EPConsole latest version reports for 11.0 RU7 MP4 "Moonstone"
3382589 Copy selected files into a zip file in the Threat Analysis tools
3391615 Port Name LT strings appear in the EPConsole Ports table
3395158 Change CED link for EPClient and EPConsole system requirements report to TECH163829
3402020 EPClient's Client Manager Communications report fails to parse managers
3402034 When running -prechk with -s and -prod all products are selected regardless of products specified
3404034 Make completed scans widget more readable
3404880 Change read-only home page displayed scan names to match main UI
3405975 SymHelp does not delete original SdDb file after you open another sdbz
3406890 Indicate reason in file detail view for Threat Analysis scan
3413499 NullReferenceException in SilentSave when run as SYSTEM
3413511 System Recovery scripts are not running if System Recovery product(s) are not installed.
3414663 Add latest BE Case Advancment form
3432466 Information tab shows IPv6 addresses in IPv4 information section
3432468 Tables in flowdocs don't size with content
3433406 Modify export options message box to give clearer buttons instead of Yes/No/Cancel
3436068 Update vulnerability report to include SYM14-004
3436069 Update SEPM latest version report to include 11.0 RU7 MP4a (11.0.7405.1424) and 12.1 RU4a (12.1.4023.4080)
3441800 IP addresses displayed in the BE forms are not accurate.
3444510 SMSMSE pre-installation report test indicates OS but does not state "supported/unsupported"
3445564 Move view System Recovery > Installed Features to the same tree as other System Recovery branches
3453342 View for BE MSDE_BKUPEXEC.LOG was listed in root of viewer tree instead of App\Sym\be\install\logs\
Build (1/20/2014)
3414663 Add latest BE Case Advancement form
Build (11/12/2013)
2572505 the definition definfo/usage are collected, but not displayed in a definition section
2580713 Exception displayed when removing characters from the advanced filter column
2705938 Add rtvscan to full process dump collection
3084897 Sort event logs from most recent to least recent
3129764 Double-click in scroll bar opens selected file
3142557 Add 'Test' button to SPE/LPA proxy configuration options
3198904 Automatically fill in the default save path for the update .msi
3198910 After a failure to download an update the download dialog does not close
3231766 SymHelp Viewer Vertical scroll bar fails to scroll all the way down when using the scroll bar down arrow.
3236169 Set all executables and dlls to read-only
3262130 "Cancel update check" link is partially erased when download progress indicator appears
3282402 "Set to default" fails to preserve column configuration
3283874 EPConsole IIS configuration report virtual directory paths test indicates 'Incorrect' but has status 'Ok'
3286456 Add MSI OS Update information to the All data collection (MsftOs)
3297554 Move files from Files.7z into SDBZ root - do away with nested archive
3327355 SymHelp-Viewer: Grid view filters do not correctly filter when using multiple fields.
3329968 Date's in reports should be displayed per current regional setting
3329977 BE Report: Exchange have not been backed up in the past 2 days errors when run on non-US system
3332381 [TESLA] Update SEP/M latest version to 12.1 RU4
3344072 Viewer displaying exception message while accessing view "Network -> Nic"
3345377 Make command-line scan type options auto-open the collect dialog if not in silent mode
3345384 Create new "prod" command-line option to select scan product by short name
3345476 Add link to video in Home page for scans
3345485 [TESLA] Updated serdef.dat XSL parser for Tesla - SEP11_Serdef_dat-3.12.xsl
3348016 Offline Load Point Analysis fails to complete reputation check
3348959 Home page does not indicate which scans have been run
3351430 After running a LPA with no access to the repDb, Load Point scan status is "No suspicious files found"
3354542 [TESLA] Update system requirements report for Windows 8.1 and 2012 R2 support in Tesla (12.1 RU4)
3355543 Create a SEP Case advancement sharing the work of the BE Case advancement form
3356271 Win 8.1 has changed how the .net System.Environment.OSVersion.Version works
3357341 Add translations for SMR Messages seen in the field
3358625 Report false positive on virtual directory name conflict for EPConsole
3359691 symhelp –s –noup –alldata –dest output_dir with BE installed does not pickup debug logs
Build (10/21/2013)
1512078 New check: SepM requires static IP
1940187 Identify what is being loaded by each svchost.exe and list in applications and load point
3065411 Configurable WPP logging
3065435 Time inconsistency in parsed SEP System log
3089520 Collect the BE appliance self-configuration and factory self-test report results
3091181 SEP Views to display common directories
3192323 Japanese translation of "Information"
3214194 SEP client DAT Files view shows no files
3233455 If the user cancels ScHawkingDefs then re-runs the scan, none of the definitions reports appear.
3234371 Report :: 'Home' tab :: Product Information :: untidy screen
3236160 Change proxy server letters to dots
3236161 Proxy Server Address field shows Port when Settings window re-entered
3249724 Collect HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\CrashControl
3250988 Main UI language menu translation of Japanese incorrect
3253831 Implement scanning of other user profiles with SMR 4.0
3273091 Deobfuscate EDPA logs and generate necessary reports.
3282599 'Run' missing from orphaned registry value in SPE
3284024 SPE when no files are displayed, display that no files by filter as LPA does
3287327 Hardcoded English text: EPClient reports
3296660 DLP endpoint agent not detected on 64 bit system
3297540 Add a "Custom files only" scan option
3297767 Correct Help and KB document (TECH170735) to state Symantec System Recovery 2013
3316528 Backup Exec services report user account test text scramble
3317980 SymHelp not capturing SGMon debug log file(s) or BEDBG crash dumps from BE Appliance servers.
3318034 In SPE, System Settings items show in wizard but not in report
3318081 Product Service report section "User Privileges" reports "error" if username contains '@' symbol.
3319215 Update Latest Version reports for BESR/SSR & BE Remote & Server products.
3333293 Remove Support Resource Contact Customer Support and rename Contact Business Support
3333379 SymHelp Viewer is not processing/displaying custom reports.
3333388 Add custom report "BE Advancement Form".
3339556 Update to SMR 4.1
Build (9/10/2013)
2331728 BE_ST Report - Event ID 57345 "Database Exception Context:<various SQL errors>" <Details>. Error=<error code>"
3006739 [SATISFYCUSTOMER]Parse SSR Job logs to readable format, if possible.
3016345 Indicate whether the computer is a virtual machine or not in Information report
3114534 Show SEP features in view Applications > Symantec > Symantec Endpoint Protection as in v1.0
3188786 Symantec DLP Endpoint Agent :: Error Report :: Linguistic change :: English text
3188964 Scan progress :: Linguistic change :: English text
3188987 Symantec Power Eraser :: Scan progress :: Linguistic change :: English text
3189055 Symantec Load Point Analysis :: Linguistic change :: English text
3252516 Exception: Could not find file when copying files in the Load Point Analysis report
3273712 Move custom file collection to a ScanUiExt for new UI
3280655 [Side By Side] Expanding HKLM does not do the same in the second Viewer
3281778 SPE and/or debug reboot doesn't relaunch SymHelp in some Windows servers
3285510 Update Pre-install report for SSR to test for SSR 2013.
3286699 Add config script for collecting custom files
3287338 Scripted custom file collection does not work in silent mode or .NET 2
3287399 Changing language on the reports page does not retranslate report details
3287471 Have the translation team translate the current strings
3288430 LPA filter files by score doesn't work
3288448 Typo in LPA view path for services
3289250 [DLP 11.6.3] Update Enforce Server product for version 11.6.3
3289312 [DLP 11.6.3] Product Version updates for DLP Detection Servers for 11.6.3 release
3298917 Backup Exec "Installed Features" view not populated.
3299081 Failure to collect debug logs in wizprod logs
3299191 Add BESR/SSR "Installed Features" view.
3300187 BE Language string missing for RHC_DataPartition_NO_RECORDS_LT
3301169 Event ID hardware error report is providing the wrong KB title.
3303164 Warning icon missing in report details sub-items
3303224 WPP Logging Only preset is not undone when Standard preset is selected
3303402 Failure to remove selected file in SPE
Build (8/14/2013)
2510320 Display Support Tool command-line switches in Viewer
2975904 allow debug mode switch from main UI menu
2996671 Intrusion Prevention Configuration State Unknown
2996675 EPConsole system requirements report Sql Server test states Embeded
3006732 Custom file collection
3026669 Collect entries in local IP routing table
3031095 Add SymHelp command-line to Information report
3032730 Add process Id back into LPA Report / Processes tab
3065566 Do not check for EnableLUA on OS's which do not feature UAC
3068610 System requirements report's Terminal Services test does not detect Install mode
3107105 Failure to collect SQL logs
3118171 Reboot required report states "The SEP installation has requested a reboot" but has status OK
3123624 Client-manager communications report set to error for unsupported IPv6 test
3123628 "Unable to connect..." when client configured to use https communications
3129779 "Error: The underlying connections was closed" in EPClient's client manager communications report
3145828 Collect permissions on perflib key for EPConsole
3159025 Put .sdbz filename in the title bar
3164030 "About" KB link in LPA report doesn't work in viewer
3164717 Create NBU - Master server Information Report.
3164723 Create NBU-Media Server Information report.
3192230 Exception during Load Point Analysis run offline
3193768 Error message box in ScDrives on Windows XP
3197315 Definition corruption check report for IPS running when Intrusion Prevention is not installed
3207885 Collect IE trusted sites
3219993 Revamp Report View
3220131 Home page status indicates Load Point Analysis when only Symantec Power Eraser was run
3221515 Possible uncaught exception in ScDotNet
3221991 Add data collection from DLP Tememetry gather
3228374 After completing a Load Point Analysis run offline the report indicates 0 suspect files found
3228455 Add BE Debugging Options to SymHelp Debug Wizard
3234285 Symantec Power Eraser :: Scan for Risks :: Filter display :: Clipped string
3234968 Method ReportToUser exception when running LPA in silent mode
3235324 Create Pre-install report for Master and Media server using standard Format.
3235969 NonpagedSystemMemorySize64_LTH contains ProcessID_LTH data
3237019 •Allow environment variables in file patterns •Allow adding files by wildcard pattern
3237022 •Warn about executable files •Warn about continuing without specifying any files •Change external input file format to line-based plain text
3241360 Preserve file timestamps when extracting files from the 7-zip archive
3241366 Preserve file timestamps when extracting text files from the database
3241561 Oracle DB access does not work on 64bit system with 32bit Oracel client
3245194 Client Control Mode LT string not translated
3250993 Present language options in the main UI Language menu in their native tongue
3252463 Ceate new Home Page
3253829 Update to SMR 4.0
3256382 Exception when unchecking 'None' in filter
3261036 Limit client/manager communications report to warning if one manager can be communicated with
3263623 In the Viewer, Installed Applications/Patches/Date Installed all show as 00010101.
3265154 Ryan UI2 change:Remove Best Practice button
3265252 SymHelp Viewer, Service(s) are missing from the view: Os>Processes>Services
3265716 Remove Duplicates for EpClientManagerTbl
3273693 On reboot for debug, save previous debug settings to database
3273699 Implement basic debug logging for selected+installed products in new UI
3273701 Implement advanced debug logging for selected+installed products in new UI
3273716 Change "-enable" and "-disable" function to include BE
3277775 Broken KB link in RPI_ClientInstallPackageMigrationIssue
3278952 SymHelp .NET2 hangs at TCP connections while running LPA + SEP data
3279009 .NET2 SPE rootkit detection scan closes SymHelp but does not reboot system automatically
3279130 Clarify the difference between 'customer care' and 'technical support' in the verbaige or tooltip
3279635 Accessing oracle database do not work if the oracle client dll version is not matching
3281590 LPA report top test number of files is inconsistent with expanded items
3281601 Load point report tests render funny after switching tabs
3281622 View OS\Info\System Metrics is displaying all of the OsVar variables instead of the SdVarTbl SystemInformation
3281646 If SPE report is empty (no files matching filter), display "No files match the current filter"
3281746 Running with only .Net v2.0, SPE root kit reboot does not continue SPE scan
3281757 SymHelp Mono data collection crashes in ScVssWriters
Build (7/23/2013)
3234788 Update SEP latest version to 12.1.3001
3261214 DLP System requirements reports KB links not working
Build (7/16/2013)
Build (6/18/2013)
2331739 BE_ST Report - Event ID 58117 "The Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems service did not start. The application failed to listen on the NDMP TCP/IP port. Check the network configuration" <Details>. Error=<error code>"
3114618 Information report page file size does not agree with Windows UI
3136738 Group copied files within upload threshold 20MB
3192278 Incorrect Japanese characters in several AV/FW logs for SEP client
3213496 Telemetry Exception when trying to display _TabType: BestPractice, _StatusType: Error
3213852 Mark BE hardware troubleshooting report as "OK" for sub-items that are "missing data"
3218796 [DLP 12.0] Update latest version checks
3218797 [DLP 12.0] Update system requirement checks
3219799 Add option to capture BEDB.BAK to Additional files to gather for BE products.
3219810 Add option to capture catalog files to Additional files to gather for BE products.
3221419 Uncaught ping exception - parsing Web Proxy bypass list
3223080 The c++ language DLLs are not signed and SPE/LPA generates a false positive
3227416 Exception when completing Load Point Analysis report
3228366 Language string UploadingFileDots_LT during FTP upload
3229489 ScJobLogs does not report progress while doing the XSL transforms
3229670 ScSepDatFiles is slow when applying XSL transforms
3229740 FTP uploads don't work through HTTP proxy
Build (6/5/2013)
2295321 Link to KB when customer cannot select to remove in Power Eraser
3043024 Support SEP 12.1 RU3 (McLaren) new .Dat decryption method
3091163 No registry data available for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run in Load Point > SR Liaison > A. Report
3091258 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run missing from Load Point > SR Liaisons > A. Report
3091270 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon\Notify and its sub-keys are not displayed in Load Point > SR Liaison > A. Report
3091317 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows registry values to not appear in Load Point > SR Liaisons > A. Report
3121256 Option to cancel update check
3179481 Enable localized KB searches
3197015 Not all of the BE appliance logs are being captured.
3205237 Update latest version report for 12.1 RU3
3205244 Update latest version report for 12.1 RU3
3206835 Collect SMSMSE license files
3214216 InitialInfo scan not run in .NET 2 UI
Build (5/29/2013)
2915764 Verify collectlog.cmd is equivalent to our collection for Jaguar
3123434 Warn and exit if XmlSerializer compilation fails during startup.
3159895 Creation of NBU- Master server PreInstall requirement report.
3179479 Enable localization support
3195556 Rewrite ScBinaryFiles to collect all ScBinaryFile item contents in one pass
3202156 Add an overall Hardware Troubleshooting report that combines most of the recently added hardware based reports into a single report format, similar to Preinstall reports.
3204725 Telemetry uncaught exception: Symantec.Diag.Framework.WinApi.Process.IsWow64Process
3204731 Telemetry uncaught exception: at Symantec.Diag.Ui.Net3.SPEButScan.SPEScan()
3206567 Tomcat logs not collected in v2.1.11
Build (5/21/2013)
3203697 Event log time estimate in BE opt. UI shows as "This item may add an additional {0.EN_US} minutes to complete"
3203673 BE Optional items are not run even if checked
Build (5/20/2013)
2015380 Additional log collection on the SEPM
2331726 BE_ST Report - Event ID 34305
2331741 BE_ST Report - Event ID 58057 "Backup Exec Alert: Media Error (Server: "<server>") The Backup-to-Disk device is offline." <Details>. Error=<error code>"
2957936 Product Scan changes
3045983 Add switch name -debug and/or -deepdata
3080451 serdef.dat and cltdef.dat files no longer show as html
3083553 Backup Exec Latest Version report has warning status but no tests with warning status
3127553 Need to create Information report for Symantec Backup Exec Agent for Windows.
3135957 EPConsole Pre-Install Report SQL Server/Client installed columns have LT strings
3136894 In .NET2 UI Load Point Analysis report button does nothing
3146093 Canceling a LPA or SPE scan results in a crash if you attempt to restart the scan
3147543 Update to SMR 3.2.3 (GA 4/30/2013)
3147644 SPE setting page doesn't initialize proxy settings to current values.
3151632 Update system requirements for EPConsole version 12.1 RU2
3156576 Exception if the checkbox column is sorted in the Load Point Analysis report's Files tab
3160219 Collect config and update files for DLP enforce server
3162558 On .Net v2.0 UI, LPA scan, in the Files tab, the Score is not displayed
3162825 Collect config and update files for DLP detection server
3165204 Telemetry exception in was WasToolUseful with (0x80004005): Error File not present:
3165724 Update Training, Help and KB for SymHelp_noCLR.exe
3165736 Update help and KB regarding Symantec VIP check
3178532 LPA setting page doesn't initialize proxy settings to current values
3179322 Update SSR VSS Provider report so that it only runs for BESR-SSR versions that require it.
3179887 Clarify wording of Symantec VIP check option in main UI
3182983 Add the product VIP Access for Desktop
3184630 Clicking on the Support Resources/Contact Customer Care results in unknown page, need to correct ced SymHelp.ContactCustomerCare
3187863 Update EPConsole to detect the latest version 12.1.2100.2093
3190667 Send Feedback displays "FeedbackNotLikelyLT" and "FeedbackLikelyLT"
3192278 Incorrect Japanese characters in several AV/FW logs for SEP client
3193887 BE Full Data For Support scan gathers all optional items even though none are checked
3195335 Add explanatory tool tips for scan types
3202137 Update SSR preinstall report to include Windows 2012.
3202144 File collection for SSR 2013 on x64 OS does not collect all expected files.
Build (4/24/2013)
1500375 Add file Driver information to the NIC information
2040425 BE_ST Enhancement - New Report to determine if Backup Exec database is installed locally to a SQLExpress instance and if the MDF file is close or greater than 4 GB.
2331709 BE_ST Report - "Is VMWare File Sync Driver installed?"
2569123 Collect only last 3 *.settings.liveupdate files
2792239 SymDiagViewer fails to export files to certain folders and does not report an error.
2990843 SymHelp v2.1 SPE Result Report via the SPE button appears to duplicate items each time SPE scan is executed AND/OR report is viewed.
3006716 Capture Deduplication Events Folder X:\BackuPExecDeduplicationStorageFOlder\Databases\spa\database\events
3017933 Run Load Point Analysis and Symantec Power Eraser on systems with .NET 2.0 or without .NET
3046171 Cannot change proxy settings if SymHelp cannot initially connect to the Reputation server
3051972 Some services generate an error in the services report
3052331 Update command-line parameters in Help and TECH170732 to include -lpa and -spe
3082288 Backup Exec Firewall configuration report false positive
3091085 FTP upload to a common folder all the time. \SymHelp\
3091276 Hosts file information missing from A. Report
3097738 BE health check and best practice reports run even if BE is not installed
3099325 Telemetry exception while collecting WinFolders or DosFolders
3102856 Save tab states after a product scan runs so that UI is correctly displayed after a SPE rootkit selection
3105347 Missing views: ScSqlViewsDc incorrectly detects as duplicate command
3105653 Cancelling Load Point Analysis in UI does not cancel scan
3106868 Collect only local values when collecting "...\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings" keys
3107100 Collect bcp.exe file information
3107634 SymHelp_BE: "PowerShell or the Microsoft Exchange PowerShell plugin is not installed" report is displayed multiple times. No other Exchange-related report is displayed.
3108905 Exception related to 'Symantec.Diag.Os.Autoruns' when viewing A. Report
3111619 EPClient remote installation pre-install report missing language string for EPClient_SysReq_KBTitle_BestPracticeUpgrade
3111762 RBP_StatusIPS fails to complete when CurLocation not found
3112040 Floating icon seen on hovering over report names is distracting as the text is moved.
3112056 Scan Filter not working for score values.
3112828 Upgrade to SMR 3.2.2
3112847 Incorrect install state for features in SEP client Information report
3114365 backout etrack 3091168 as it is causing Viewer performance and stability issues
3114423 Change Size format in the viewer to display like size format in windows
3114497 Very slow displaying Event Viewer / All when there are a large number of events
3114503 Remove whitespace from the event log description so that all event log entries have at least 1 line in the viewer
3114595 Client Control mode information presentation issue
3116230 In LPA collect the %system%\drivers\etc\hosts file
3118091 Add a visual to the SPE/LPA buttons when they are clicked
3118494 Add whether EPConsole is Enterprise Edition or Small Business Edition to the Information report
3118545 In exception message boxes, offer to copy the stack trace to the clipboard.
3120198 EPClient latest version report shows both SEP 11.0 RU7 MP2 and SEP 11.0 RU7 MP3 as latest versions
3126600 Change System Recovery Pre-Install report KB link to HOWTO83509
3126728 SymHelp exits before home page on XP RTM or XP SP1
3126775 SMR is not supported on XP RTM/SP1, and Server 2003. The threat analysis box needs to display they are not available for the os
3128004 Move closing 'x' into tab for an open file
3128297 Collect list of servers from DLP Enforce server
3129520 In LPA, the 2nd Report tab should be Autorun
3129546 Collect logs for DLP
3131109 Add SymcForSupport scan to DLP Endpoint Protection Agent and Detection server for support scans
3131148 Failure to collect MS SQL Server error logs in Native (64-bit) path
3131170 Put Close in the LPA Report
3131195 Fix Strings in LPA report
3131392 Make Process sort in the LPA report
3131393 Add LPA Process Report to Viewer Tree
3132601 Add LP, PE to file name if they have been ran
3132608 Add Link to LP report to LP KB
3134256 SymHelp launches ToastUi45x64.exe after WPP logging reboot on Windows 7 x64
3134486 SEP AV Logs do not show threat entries from user AV logs
3134492 User AV logs are not collected for SEP 11.x and 12.0.x
3135988 Failure to detect the SQL Server Native Client for 2008 R2 on 2008 R2 64-bit
3139299 The given paths format is not supported
3139742 BE Service report shows under OK/Information, when it had service permission errors.
3141046 Warn if user attempts to exit before saving
3142330 Exception when turning off advanced filter
3142550 In LPA Files, clicking on Type or several other columns results in an exception
3142670 BE is missing from the landing page list
3142859 Additional drivers and services false positives in SEP client report
3142885 Change LPA and SPE links to scan type checkboxes, move to quick scan widget.
3142896 Information report shows incorrect time zone (Standard vs Daylight)
3142900 Black Out in .A report
3142908 Redesign SMR UI scan/history/settings buttons
3144376 ScEventLog with MaxHours="1440" enumerates entire event log (BESR/SSR health check)
3145746 LPA 2 files are investigate, but the report says 0 need to be investigated
3145786 On a 800x600 screen, when an exception is reported to the user you can't see all of the exception dialog with the yes/no buttons
3145820 A SPE/LPA file that is not in Insight has a status of RepNoTrustManyStr_LT and RepFileSeen_LT instead of unknown
3145823 LPA/SPE can have file seen date 1/1/1601 which would indicate that it is unknown, not Untrustworthy
3146122 Need views that duplicate what is under Load Point/CurrentControlSet\Services
3146134 Add Attribute column to LPA\All Files
3146138 Add Source which is the Type from LPA report/Files to LPA\All Files
3146142 Autorun registry settings should be displayed and decoded under LPA
3146150 2 Data points missing from A Report
3147426 LPA has 2 tabs with Report. The 2nd tab should be autorun
3147688 Is the file's signature valid? is a value of 300 on v1 and 250 on v2
3147793 When running LPA, only 64bit modules are being collected
3149994 Integrate Verisign's TestClient.java into SymHelp
3150212 Create script command to retrieve SQL version & "Edition" information from BEDB while connected to database/server.
3150422 Separate NIC file driver information from initial info scan
3155188 Collect all subkeys of registry key HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services reg while performing load point analysis as in version 1
3161007 In SPE report, click on the same entry multiple times, each time you click on it, the information is appended.
3161019 In SPE, if not a file, when open the item need to pull the information from SmrSideEffectTbl
3162277 When rep is null, and a non-file type, displaying that reputation is not available
Build (3/1/2013)
2887513 Symdiag can't be run on windows core system
3089500 Collect Backup Exec appliance logs
3019323 Offline Load Point Analysis exceptions when openned in the Viewer
3009052 -lpa -s generates a file, but the LPA report is not displayed when opened in the viewer
3058248 Be able to highlight and copy text within the SymHelp tool
3094383 When run LPA without network, button says SaveReport_LT
3094226 LPA Remove button shows Remove_LT
3091312 Not recognizing DLP agent is installed
3086157 System requirements report falsely indicates Windows 7 SP1 is a requirement
3093221 Symantec Power Eraser results report "select all" button does not enable use of the Copy Files button
3072161 If I run LP then For Support IPS shows non-compliant. If I run Health Check and Best Practices only IPS show compliant.
3084149 Details section within a report is not copied to the Clipboard
3091191 SEPM services error, SQLANYs_sem5 is listed as not installed when SEPM is using a sql client
3092589 Window dialogs will exception on .Net v3.0 as ShowActivated is a .Net v3.5 property
3068983 SymELAM service possible false positive in EPClient services report
3092879 SPE report view does not display the defintions and smr version
3091198 SEPM port report error is incorrect that Sql client is not using its configured port 1433
3091090 Best Practice "Is IPS enabled" says IPS is not enabled, but it is
3082833 SymHelp_BE: "Antivirus scanning exception" report is displayed under the Compliant section when it actually requires folders/paths to be excluded
3024869 Status_LT is displayed for some reports that have an inner grid
3076425 In case the File path is too long, a proper error message should be thrown instead of an exception
3088830 SymHelp_BE: Title of the Exchange Tools version check report says "version matches" even when it actually doesn't
3083657 View Applications\Symantec\Backup Exec\Services\Deduplication_LT missing language string
3088806 SymHelp_BE: Local Exchange Management Tools version check report has an incorrect spelling "Exchanage"
3084131 SymHelp_BE: Deduplication Best Practices report always shows BE 2010. Need to hide the report in case of BE 2012 installation if we want to restrict this for BE 2010
3082839 SymHelp_BE: BE.Folder.PDDE continues to display in the "antivirus scanning exception required" report even when dedupe disk storage has been removed from BE
Build (2/15/2013)
3086962 BE Latest version report says that "2012 R2" is the latest, but that has not been released
Build (2/13/2013)
Backup Exec Support Tool functionality added to SymHelp
3063750 SDBZ saved on Win7 Pro x64 doesn't show OS name/product name in Summary report
3083548 exception while sorting LP results
3083507 Improve progress bar speed for increments with file/registry paths and service names.
3082590 Progress indicator performance is slow
3074236 User confusion on using Threat Analysis clicks
3076401 SymHelp crashes on entering a special character in the Save sdbz file location textbox
3076438 Trying to Save a report onto a folder containing a system reserved name throws an exception
3069730 Full scan should not proceed if nothing is selected OR if the selection dialog is closed
Build (1/30/2013)
3065645 Load Point Analysis fails to complete
Build (1/23/2013)
3001668 Fail to collect SymHelp created Sylink debug log
3003286 Copy of all Information tab contents does not display all data when pasted
3009168 Collect SEPM install directory via TargetDir key
2963367 Add test to Firewall Configuration report which checks to see if SEP NTP is installed
2656215 Collect Symantec Quarantine Server Information
2902258 Move Report Rpt_TECH164677M from v1 to v2.1
2996820 Update command-line parameters list in help and TECH170732
2774201 Windows Firewall Configuration report test states "The exception was not found" without specifying the exception
2885110 Copying specific content from Information report fails
2997972 RHC_FirewallConfiguration reports No Data on Windows 7 SOE
3055486 SEP Best Practice to check AutoRuns
3003286 Copy of all Information tab contents does not display all data when pasted
3006812 Add -lpa and -spe to the Available command-line parameters
3009168 Collect SEPM install directory via TargetDir key
2680125 Collect console.bat, setEnv.bat and sesm.bat from SEPM
2683134 Collect php.ini
2957943 Improve startup performance
2958361 Add Debug Logging to help topics in SymHelp's Help
2990946 Add SMR version to scan complete window
2998967 Add command-line file extract to help file
2963367 Add test to Firewall Configuration report which checks to see if SEP NTP is installed
2644835 "Definitions Are Current" report is showing the wrong version of virus definitions
2669781 Add a report to check for problems copying current defintions into CSAPI directory for SMSMSE
2702570 Collect HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
Build (12/14/2012)
-3000652 [SMSMSE 7.0] Update the SMSMSE pre-install system requirements reports
-3000677 [SMSMSE 7.0] Collect registry keys for SMSMSE 7.0
-3000655 [SMSMSE 7.0] Update the SMSMSE Latest version reports
-3000660 [SMSMSE 7.0] Update the KB documents and appropriate links for SMSMSE reports
-2669759 Add Best Practice Report for EWS Throttling check on Exchange 2010
-2589426 Add check for transport agent priority: TECH95584
-2583683 Collect Performance logs for SMSMSE
Build (12/5/2012)
-2997933 Change collection of MSI.dll files to file information only
Build (11/14/2012)
124 Defects and Enhancements including…
-1632648 Incorrect information regarding definition dates in Information report
-2723703 SEP client AV logs
-2932747 Update to SMR v3.1.1
-2951867 Detect 12.1.2 as the latest build of SEP 12.x
-2956641 EPClient For Support scan does not run the Health Check and Best Practice scans in .NET 2.0
-2968205 Parse EPClient traffic log into database
-2968207 Parse EPClient raw log into database
-2968202 Parse EPClient security log into database
-2968214 Parse EPClient process log into database
-2968199 Parse EPClient system log into database
-2985313 Add detection of SEP 11.0 RU7 MP3 (Turquoise) as latest build of SEP 11
Build (10/8/2012)
-Updated reports for Jaguar (SEP 12.1 RU2)
-Added ability in Viewer to copy reports (all or per product) to clipboard
Build (9/18/2012):
-Add support for the following products: 
Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 6.5 to 8.x
Symantec Data Loss Prevention 11.0 and later
Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 and later
Symantec System Recovery 2010 to 2012 
-Add support for .NET 2.0 and no .NET

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