Diagnostic Reports for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE)

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Diagnostic Reports  for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE)


The Symantec Symantec Diagnostic and Product Advisor performs a series of diagnostic reports for SMSMSE. These Reports are grouped into categories as Pre-installation, Health Checks, Best Practice Checks and For Support Checks.

As the tool changes, additional reports will be added, some might be removed and others might be moved to or from another category.

Following is a list of diagnostic reports available for SMSMSE product.


Pre-installation Checks:

·          Minimum system requirements for SMSMSE

This report Minimum system requirement for installing and running SMSMSE product. These include checking RAM and physical Memory availability, compatible versions for OS, Microsoft Exchange, .NET  and DirectX.


Health checks:

·          Check status of Premium AntiSpam feature for SMSMSE

This report determines if the Premium AntiSpam feature is enabled on SMSMSE and the date time stamp for last update. If valid, report also displays the expiry date and the days left for Expiry.


·          Check status of Symantec Premium AntiSpam License validity

This report determines if the Symantec Premium AntiSpam license is valid. 


·          Check health of virus definitions for SMSMSE

This report determines if Virus definitions for SMSMSE are not corrupt or broken.


·          Check status of Virus Definitions for SMSMSE

This report determines if the Virus Definitions for SMSMSE are current and when the last update was performed by LiveUpdate.


·          Check status of LiveUpdate feature

This report determines if the LiveUpdate feature for SMSMSE is enabled. It also checks a special condition when Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 is installed and LiveUpdate is disabled.


·          Check SMSMSE user role

This report determines if Windows Account for the current user belongs to either SMSMSE Admins group or SMSMSE Viewers group to remotely manage SMSMSE. This reports also checks if the current user has sufficient permissions to access CMAF Folder and CMAF registry keys




Best Practice Checks:

·          Recommended VSAPI threads and processes

This report checks the numbers of VSAPI threads and processes and recommends a value for better scan performance.



·          Check latest version for SMSMSE

      This reports checks if the installed version of SMSMSE is currently supported and if the newer version of SMSMSE is available for download.




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