Configure firmware (System, DRAC, BMC, BIOS) jobs error out when using unaltered config files.

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Configure firmware (System, DRAC, BMC, or BIOS) jobs return with an error, even when a configuration file that has not been altered is used with the job.


DOS Dell DTK 1.4.1
WinPE Dell DTK 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1, 2.3 or greater
Linux Dell DTK 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1, 2.3 or greater


Sometimes files that are captured have invalid entries or error messages in them. These invalid lines need to be commented out before the configuration job will work properly.


The following changes may need to be made to the captured configuration file in order for the configuration job to finish sucessfully.
  1. Edit BIOS settings (DOS > biosset.ini, Linux/WinPE > sysset.ini). Out-of-the-box Dell servers are usually preconfigured to have the hard drive boot before the onboard NIC in the BIOS. To ensure that the server makes contact with the PXE server and checks for jobs from the Deployment Server before it boots locally to the hard drive, the boot order must be changed in the BIOS. This can be done manually by entering the BIOS when you boot the server, or you can change it in the configuration file after you've run the capture jobs. The bootseq line should be changed from something like this:


    to something like this:

  2. Edit BMC settings (DOS > bmcset.ini, Linux/WinPE > sysset.ini). There are four lines in the bmc configuration starting with destipaddr that must be commented out using a semi-colon (e.g. ";destipaddr="), or must be edited to point to a valid IP address (e.g. "destipaddr=").
  3. Edit BMC settings (DOS > bmcset.ini, Linux/WinPE > sysset.ini). On occasion, a line is inserted below the IPaddress line that says "The option ipaddrsrc is not set to a valid option". This line is an error message from the Dell DTK that should not appear in the configuration file. It must be removed or a comment inserted in front of it.
  4. Edit BMC settings (DOS > bmcset.ini, Linux/WinPE > sysset.ini). By default, the IPaddress line has been commented out. If you wish to change the IP address manually, or you are using tokenization to insert an IP address from the IP Ranges tab, the comment must be removed.
  5. Edit DRAC settings (dracset.ini). The line starting with cfgDNSRacName must be commented out with # or the job will fail with return code = 4.

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