What's new in LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x

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What changes, updates or fixes were added to the latest version of LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) 2.x?



LUA 2.3.0 was the first 2.3 release. This release contained the following enhancements/optimizations:

  • LUA configuration information can be exported to a configuration recovery file
    • LUA settings and configurations can be restored in the event of LUA server failure, or can be used as a prototype for multiple LUA servers
  • Failed download attempts now resume/retry
  • Event driven email notification to notify user(s) in case of download/distribution failures
  • Ability to auto-start a distribution task after a specified download task
  • Automatic LUA database maintenance
  • Partially completed download and distribution tasks now show an accurate percentage of completion via the activity monitor
  • Fast access to Symantec’s LUA best practice recommendations provided via the install wizard and program menu
  • Improved load times for the LUA console home page and event log


LUA 2.3.1

  • The LUA web server service will now automatically restart if it ever crashes or terminates unexpectedly.
  • LUA will now automatically install and utilise an optimised private Java Runtime Environment (version 1.6 update 27).
  • It is now possible for LUA to automatically run multiple specified distribution tasks after a specified download task completes.
  • New quick link added to the user interface which allows customers to quickly and easily capture all LUA related troubleshooting information and data.
  • New quick links added to the user interface: How to configure a Remote Distribution Center (Article and Video), Product Selection Guide.
  • LUA now installs and utilises Apache Tomcat version 7.0.21 and PostgreSQL version 9.0.4.
  • Added ability for LUA to automatically send email notification on successful completion of a task (as well as failure of a task).
  • LUA will now automatically send an email notification when disk space is running low on the drive to which LUA is installed.
  • Email notification appearance has been enhanced (now HTML based).
  • Security within the user interface has been enhanced to ensure protection from specific potential attack scenarios.
  • LUA will now periodically send anonymous product information to Symantec (can be disabled if required).


LUA 2.3.2

  • Packaged with Apache Tomcat version 7.0.26 and PostgreSQL version 9.1.3.
  • Packaged with JRE 1.7 (private JRE, automatically bundled, installed and configured by the LUA installer).
  • Enhanced security with advanced features to protect the User Interface from certain attacks.
  • Added the ability to modify the LUA download directory path at any time (not just at install time).
  • Product Catalog will now automatically update to ensure catalog changes become available without any user initiated action being required.
  • Daylight savings time changes will now be correctly handled for scheduled tasks.
  • Email notifications can be sent whenever a new LUA version is available, relevant catalog changes occur and as an early warning in advance of large monthly content downloads.
  • Enhanced content purging to ensure it works reliably, even if an external 3rd party source (e.g. robocopy) is also accessing the content. 



Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH171578

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