PkgCntNt.exe throws error: " Out of Memory " when attempting to verify the integrity of a captured personality package.

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When validating a package captured from a computer it returns the error: Out of Memory, and continues no further.

The script that was run which resulted with this generated error is as follows:

\\server\express\PCT\PkgCntnt.exe -pkg:C:\PCT\Personalities\PCHOMER.exe -log:C:\PCT\Personalities\PCHOMER.exe.log -content:3 -q

A peculiar thing about this is that the package can be opened with PCTEdit.exe and can also be restored to a computer successfully, so the package is valid.

For some reason this problem occurs when the personality was captured with a custom template.


PC Transplant


Code defect.


The attached Pkgcntnt.exe file had resolved the code issue.  This version will work with packaged built using all older versions of PCT 6.8.  Simply replace your current copy of Pkgcntnt.exe with this one.

Another option is to install the latest version of PCT 6.8.

If you need help finding which is the latest version and build of PCT 6.8 go to the following KB # 29533

NOTE: You may need to go into the properties of the Pkgcntnt.exe you downloaded and click the Unblock on the General Tab for the Security Attribute to keep from having security warnings from popping up while running the .exe.


PkgCntnt.exe (415 kBytes)

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