Symantec Protection Center (SPC) 2.0 "No network device found" during installation of a virtual appliance.

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Using an adapter other than the default “E1000” network adapter in vSphere. Will result with an error on the Appliance creator's  "Network Support" field saying, “No network device found.”



Symantec Protection Center 2.0 Appliance Creator


The VMXNET2(Enhanced) NIC will not work with SPC due to VMXNET2 not supporting Windows 2008 R2.  At this time the VMXNET3 NIC by default will not work due to Winpe 3.x not having a pre-installed driver.  There are three solutions to this issue with VMXNET3:

  1. Edit the virtual machine by disabling or removing the network adapter (VMXNET 2 or VMXNET 3) that was previous installed.
  2. Create a new virtual machine and use the "E1000" network adapter.
  3. Provide the VMXNet3 driver via Load Drivers using the following process
    1. Load the VMware tools ISO by attempting to "install" VMware tools.
    2. Open the command prompt by pressing: Ctrl + WinKey + Alt + F12
    3. In the command prompt type: cd\
    4. In the command prompt type: md driver
    5. In the command prompt type: cd driver
    6. In the command prompt type: d:
    7. Confirm the file: is present
    8. In the command prompt type: copy x:\driver
    9. In the command prompt type: x:
    10. In the command prompt type: expand -F:* x:\driver
    11. Minimize the command prompt and click Load Drivers
    12. Select x:\driver and click Choose

This process can take several minutes and there will be no progress indication.  Once it is finished the network warning with change to green.  The install can noew be continued. If prompted for the SPC install disc cancel the VMware tools install from VMware and remount the SPC ISO.




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