Domino server crashes due to insufficient disk space when large containers are scanned

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On a Domino server with Symantec Mail Security for Domino Multi Platform Edition (SMSDOM-MPE) 8.0.x installed, and a fixed size partition is reserved for SMSDOM-MPE's temporary space, when scanning large container files (such as ZIP, RAR, etc) on multiple documents, the Domino server may crash due to insufficient disk space.


  • OS: AIX 6.1
  • SMSDOM-MPE 8.0.9 (32-bit)
  • Domino Server 8.5.x (32-bit)
  • SMSDOM using a specific temporary folder on a fixed/limited space partition.


Please note that Symantec is currently investigating this problem and will update the present article as soon as more information will become available.

Meanwhile, please refer to the following temporary resolution steps:

  • Increase size of the partition or file system configured as SMSDOM's directory for temporary files
    (SMSDOM Settings > Threat/Security Risk > Basics tab).
  • Exclude large files or databases from SMSDOM's realtime scans, as in the example below:
  • Exclude specific file types and extensions from SMSDOM's realtime scans, by entering a list of file extensions that need to be scanned; all the file extensions not in the list will be excluded from the realtime scans. Example:


Below is a list of the most common file extensions that can be added to SMSDOM settings:

3dm; 3g2; 3gp; 7z; 8bi; abw; accdb; ace; aif; amg; app; ar?; asf; asp; aspx; asx; avi; bak; bat; bin; bmp; bz2; c; cab; cdf; cer; cfg; cgi; class; cmd; com; cpl; cpp; cs; csr; css; csv; cur; dap; dat; db; dbf; dbx; deb; dif; dll; dmg; dmp; doc; docx; dot; dotx; drv; drw; ds; dtd; dwg; dxf; efx; elf; eml; eps; exe; fla; flv; fnt; fon; gadget; gam; gbr; gho; gif; gpx; gz; hqx; htm; html; ico; iff; img; indd; ini; iso; jar; java; jpeg; jpg; js; jsp; key; keychain; kml; lnk; log; lzh; m; m3u; m4a; max; mdb; mid; mim; mov; mp3; mp4; mpa; mpeg; mpg; mpp; msg; msi; nes; nrg; odp; odt; ori; otf; otp; ots; pages; part; pct; pdb; pdf; pdm; php; pif; pkg; pl ; plugin; png; pot; potx; pps; ppt; pptx; prf; ps; psd; pspimage; py; qxd; qxp; rar; rels; rm; rom; rpm; rss; rtf; sav; sdf; sdw; sh; sit; sitx; so; sql; svg; swf; sys; tab; tar; tax2010; thm; thmx; tif; tiff; tmp; toast; torrent; tsv; ttf; txt; uue; vb; vcd; vcf; vob; war; wav; wma; wmv; wpd; wps; wsf; xhtml; xll; xlr; xls; xlsx; xlt; xml; xpi; xsl; yuv; z; zip; zipx; zoo

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