The maximum number of inodes per VxFS is 1 billion.

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VxFS filesystem limitation of the number of inodes per filesystem is 1 billion(1024*1024*1024).

When use of i-node reaches 1 billion, even if available space remains,

though available space remains, neither a file nor a directory can be created.

The following message is outputted when this limitation is exceeded.


NOTICE: msgcnt x: mesg 011: V-2-11: vx_noinode - mount_point file system out of inodes


In case of nolargefiles option, VxFS limits the number of inodes to 8 million.



VxFS4.0, VxFS4.1, VxFS5.0, VxFS5.1 for Solaris/Linux


This limitation cannot be changed.

There is no workaroud except for dividing a file system.

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