KNOWN ISSUE: Network Throttling enabled affects Monitor Agent config.xml retrieval

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With the Altiris Agent configured for Bandwidth Throttling enabled (that is, as shown in the Altiris Agent Details page below), the Monitor Agent may fail to download its configuration file (config.xml).


Monitor Solution 6.0 SP3, 6.0 SP4, 6.0 SP5


Functionality of the Monitor Agent with respect to what metrics to poll and what rules to evaluate (among other functions) are defined to the Monitor Agent and its processes in the config.xml file. Without this file, the Monitor Agent will not function.

The config.xml is created and\or updated when the following occurs:
  1. After initial rollout of the Monitor Agent (default values obtained from database and config.xml created).
  2. Change is made within the Monitor Agent Configuration page (i.e. changing Process recording).
  3. Change is made within the Manage Metrics page or within the Manage Monitor Packs Page (i.e. creation of a new metric).
  4. Change is made within Monitor Packs Page (i.e. change to Monitor Pack, Categories, Rules or Actions).

When the Bandwidth Throttling setting is enabled, the call by the Monitor Agent used to retrieve the config.xml from the Notification Server may be affected and a failure to retrieve this file occurs resulting in the error:

GetFile() failed, error=0x80070002

It should be noted that in other cases, Bandwidth Throttling settings may not affect this process (config.xml retrieval) and other factors, such as slow LAN speed, may play this failure in conjunction with the Bandwidth Throttling setting.


Disabling the Altiris Agent Bandwidth Throttling settings will resolve this issue.

A hotfix is attached to this article which will also resolve this particular problem. The hotfix can be packaged and rolled out using Altiris Software Delivery Solution or Deployment Solution.  
When run, the hotifx will perform the following:
  1. Stop the Monitor Agent service.
  2. Make the necessary file copy.
  3. Restart the Monitor Agent.

Once the hotfix is applied, the config.xml file will download and appear in the Monitor Agent folder. (Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Monitor Agent)

Import the attached XML file into your Notification Server, as this will create a folder containing collection, package and task items that will allow you to deliver this hotfix via Software Delivery Solution. Modify the source location of the package item to meet your environment.

Update on 19 January 2008:

Two additional XML files have been added to this article. The first is a report that can be run to determine which computers have had the update applied. The second is a new collection that shows all computers that have been patched. Both the collection and report interrogate the Inv_AeX_SW_Audit_Software table.

Update on 26 January 2008: 

Four additional files have been added to this article, just in case the Software Scan did not bring in the required information from all resources. The MAKB26196.xml file is a CustInv scan that will check for the Product Version and Modified Date of the EXE and DLL file that are affected by this Hotfix, and will create a table called Inv_AeX_SW_Monitor_Agent_KB26196. Import the "Monitor Agent 6.0.1317 that have KBA26196 installed Report.xml" file, as this Report interrogates the custom table. To deploy this scan, create a new Program for the Inventory Client Package using the AeXInvSolnMonAgents.ini file as well as create an Inventory Task to run this Program. You could also simply add the CustInv scan to an existing Program's INI file as well.

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