Symantec Mail Security for Domino (SMSDOM) databases still reporting the old version after upgrade

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After a Symantec Mail Security for Domino SMSDOM upgrade, all or some of its databases are still reporting the old version number.


Please follow the steps below to refresh the SMSDOM databases design:

  1. If SMSDOM is installed on multiple servers in a hub/spoke configuration with replicas enabled, please remove all replicas of SMSDOM databases.
  2. Open Domino Administrator and connect to the master server where SMSDOM is installed.
  3. In the Files tab, click to select the SMSDOM database showing the erroneus version number.
  4. Edit the database ACL and ensure the current user/server is able to write changes to the database (Right click on database > Access Control > Manage). 
  5. Click "File" menu > "Application" > "Replace Design..."
  6. Select the same server then click "Show advanced templates"
  7. Select the appropriate SMSDOM template for your database and ensure it contains a different/newer version number, e.g. "SMSDOM Settings 8.0".
    If not, refer to TECH92312 in the Related Articles section.
  8. Click "Replace", then confirm with "Yes"
  9. Confirm that the design was replaced successfully by opening the database.
  10. Once confirmed that the design was properly replaced, the database title may also be changed to reflect the correct version.
  11. Replicas can now be setup again.



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