Command bmrsrtadm fails to create new SRT for AIX client

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The AIX OS file installation failed when an invalid directory path as specified as source of AIX install images.




$ bmrsrtadm

Select one of the following options:

    1.  Create a new Shared Resource Tree.
    2.  Create a new CD image based Shared Resource Tree.
    3.  Copy an existing Shared Resource Tree to a new location.
    4.  Import a Shared Resource Tree.
    5.  Modify an existing Shared Resource Tree.
    6.  Delete an existing Shared Resource Tree.
    7.  List Shared Resource Trees available on this server.
    8.  Quit.

Enter your selection (1-8) [1] : 1
Enter the name of the SRT to create : Test
Enter the description of the new SRT : Test_AIX
Enter desired OS level of AIX (5.1, 5.2, 5.3 or 6.1) [5.3] :
Enter the desired architecture (32/64) [64] :
Enter the directory in which to place the new SRT [/export/srt] : /home/export/srt
Source of AIX install images [/dev/cd0] : /isotest
[Info] V-125-202 Installing AIX OS filesets.
x ./
x ./
x ./
x ./lpp_name
x ./usr
x ./usr/lpp
x ./usr/lpp/bos
x ./usr/lpp/bos/liblpp.a
x ./usr/lpp/bos/inst_root
x ./usr/lpp/bos/inst_root/liblpp.a
x ./usr/lpp/bos/inst_root/usr
x ./usr/sbin/mkusil
x ./usr/sbin/rmusil
x ./usr/sbin/syncroot
mount: /mnt/iso on /home/export/srt/Test/usr/lpp/bos/inst_root/mnt: Read-only file system
[Error] V-125-191 Unable to install bos.64bit bos.mp64 bos.diag bos.sysmgt.sysbr bos.sysmgt.smit bos.sysmgt.serv_aid bos.terminfo bos.sysmgt.nim.client devices.all rpm.rte xlC.rte xlC.aix50.rte
Removing SRT "Test" from server -- please stand by ...



/export/srt/Test2/usr /export/srt/Test2/usr/lpp/bos/inst_root/usr namefs Oct 18 16:37 rw
/usr/ccs/lib     /export/srt/Test2/usr/lpp/bos/inst_root/usr/lib/._spot_libs_@_71438/usr/ccs/lib namefs Oct 18 16:37 ro
/usr/lib         /export/srt/Test2/usr/lpp/bos/inst_root/usr/lib/._spot_libs_@_71438/usr/lib namefs Oct 18 16:37 ro
/home/AIX-Install/isotest /export/srt/Test2/usr/lpp/bos/inst_root/mnt namefs Oct 18 16:37 rw



The customer was using a manually mounted CD-ROM path that was causing an error.


When responding to the prompt for AIX OS install images, one of the following must be specified:

1.  The hardware device path of the CD/DVD device.  The default is /dev/cd0.

2.  A local file system that has the OS install files. 

3.  An NFS format pointer to a remote file system.  The remote file system itself must be locally mounted on the remote system. 

As an example:  remotesys:/AIX_OS_Image

The AIX install files cannot reside on a manually mounted mount point or be an ISO image mounted to a mount point. 

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