Customer reports high CPU usage on SMSDOM (nntask) 8.0.x in AIX

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The CPU usage on SMSDOM (nntask) 8.0.x in AIX environment is constantly high.

The CPU usage may be over 60% constantly.


Domino 8.5.x (64-bit)

AIX 6.x (64-bit)
SMSDOM 8.0.x
Note:  This is one known environment but it is possible that transaction logging could cause this issue with other versions of SMSDOM and on other platforms.



 Domino transaction logging is turned on for the mail box files.


1. Upgrade to the latest version of SMSDOM 8.0.x and see if problem goes away.

2. If problem still persists, disable domino transaction logging on the mail box files.  You can do this by going into the properties for the database and then go into right most tab (Advanced Properties).   If you have more than one file like,, etc. disable transaction logging on each of those.

3. If step two was required also add the following paramter to notes.ini:  MailBoxDisableTXNLogging=1

The MailBoxDisableTXNLogging=1 parameter turns off transaction logging automatically for any newly created mail box files.

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