PGP Desktop 32-bit cannot be installed on Windows 7

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Problem: Client gets a zip archive file with PGP  Desktop.exe in it. When trying to install using the .exe file; it cannot install and generates an generic error.



Reason: client should only be installing a .msi file not an .exe file.


Use the following steps to install PGP Desktop:

1. Start the installation using the .exe file, do not continue the installation when prompted to select a language.

2. Click Start > Run (Windows XP) of Start and type %temp% (Windows 7). The contents of the Windows Temp directory are displayed.

3. Locate in the Temp directory, a PGP folder. It will display PGP follow by some numbers. e.g. PGP2dd41.

4. In the directory, search for a .msi file. Copy the .msi file to the Windows Desktop or other location

5. Restart the installation using the .msi file.


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