SRAS 4.0.6 Hotfix 2 (3425)

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Hotfix 2 addresses the following issues: 

  • Policy Evaluator is unable to complete an evaluation run in an acceptable amount of time. The total  evaluation time increases with the number of evaluated assets and the amount of content loaded for evaluation.
  • The Suspend button for discovery scanning functions incorrectly. The Suspend button does not provide any user feedback.
  • The Static Asset Scan feature of Configuration scan schedule permits to create only one scan.
  • Discovery Scan results appear in the scanning error details section of the configuration scan summary.
  • Expired License causes limited functionality in the main Navigation Panel (Control Panel) on the left of the app.


Hotfix 1 is also included and addresses the following issues: 

  •  Blacklisted assets are scanned when a vulnerability scan schedule is created by specifying IP addresses, rather than networks.
  • The value that is set in the portal settings to limit the number of simultaneous simple queue scans does not effectively limit the scans based on the setting. As a result, too many simultaneous scans are created and processed in the SRAS portal.
  • Performance issues using dissolving agent:
                              i.        Multiple simultaneous dissolving agent scans can potentially overload an Active Directory server.
                             ii.        Dissolving agent scans can take a significant amount of time when SCAP content is used that uses registry or file objects and pattern matching.
  • The appSettings section of the web.config file for the SecureFusion and WebServices sites is not encrypted during the installation process



Read the readme document thoroughly for more details regarding Hotfix 2
Before you apply Hotfix 2:
  1. Ensure your current version is at least 4.0.6.  (with or without Hotfix 1 applied)
  2. You must make a back up of the existing Gideon database.
  3. You must also make a back up of the following folders and their content:

          i.  Risk Automation Suite directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Risk Automation Suite).

          ii.  IIS virtual directory (e.g. C:\Inetpub\SecureFusion).


Apply Hotfix 2 to your SRAS 4.0.6 installation.


README Document for Hotfix2 Installation
SRAS 4.0.6 HF2 Upgrade Installation Guide-rev1.4.pdf (726 kBytes)
SRAS 4.0.6 Hotfix 2 (3425) Installation Package
SymantecRAS4.0.6.3425_Hotfix2.exe (20 MBytes)

PurgeOVAL script. (Please Read Guide)
PurgeAllOVAL.sql (1 kBytes)
Content Bundle
SRAS-Content-Bundle- (10.1 MBytes)
Content Bundle readme
readme-Content-4.0.6.txt (2 Bytes)

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