How to generate license file for Risk Automation Suite

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Risk Automation Suite will only let you install one license file but you have received multiple license files for the product or licensed components are missing from the RAS portal.


Since RAS can be licensed with different components, each of those components will have their own serial number. For the license file for RAS, rather than generating one license file for each serial number you will need to generate one license file for all the serial numbers.


To generate license file:

  1. Log in to
  2. Under "Register your product and get license keys" choose "New and Renewal Purchase"
  3. Enter the first serial number
  4. Click "Submit"
  5. This will bring you back to a page with the notice"This license can be registered with other licenses for this product. If you would like to register multiple licenses for this product, please enter the serial number and click the 'Add' button."
  6. Add all additional additional RAS serial numbers, pressing "Add" after each one
  7. After the last license key, press "Next"
  8. Follow the rest of the instructions. You will have the option of having the file emailed to you as well as additional people you may specify. You can also download the file directly from this page.

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