The NetBackup installer wrongly creates an IP resource using an "IPv4" type definition when configuring a NetBackup IPv6 master server cluster.

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The NetBackup installer uses the "IPv4" type to create an IPv6 resource when configuring a NetBackup IPv6 master cluster, resulting in a NetBackup cluster service group which cannot be brought online.



1. The type of the IP resource in NBU service group shows as IP - it should be IPv6.

2. The IP resource can't be probed on the cluster server.

3. The NetBackup service group can't be online successfully.


The NetBackup installer wrongly creates the IP resource using an "IPv4" type definition rather than "IPv6."


Follow this procedure to change the IP resource in to use an "IPv6" type definition:

1. Stop had on all the nodes with a hastop -all command.  Ensure that the VCS engine is stopped on all nodes.

2. Change the resource "IP" to contain an "IPv6" definition in - this file is located the <Veritas_Install_Path>\cluster server\conf\config folder.

IPv6 resource example:

IPv6 csg_ip (
Address = "2011::b3c9:6294:4df9:1ffa"
Prefix = "2011::/64"
MACAddress @SWIFT-233 = "00:1E:C9:D1:90:4D"
MACAddress @SWIFT-234 = "00:1E:C9:D1:8E:ED"

3.Start had on this node using the hastart command.

4.Once had starts on local node, start had on the remaining nodes by running hastart -all

5. The NetBackup cluster service group can then be brought online.


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