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This article describes the known issues for the Enterprise Vault Server Settings Migration Wizard Version


Getting a password error for the Vault Service Account, if the Server language is German, when trying to import the configuration to the Destination Server.

Make a Dtrace of ServerMigration process "How to run a Dtrace...".

In the Dtrace you will find:

[EVSM] VSAAccount.AddVsaAccountToAdminGroup Exception occurred: Der Gruppenname konnte nicht gefunden werden.|
[EVSM] EVServerMigrate.ConfigureVsaAccount throwing Exception: Unbekannter Fehler
[EVSM] VSAAccount.RunningAsVSA current logon user: EVTest001\evservice
[EVSM] EVServerImport.CheckVSACredentials Check VSA credentials failed

You need to rename the local "Administratoren" group to the English Version "Administrators" AND use the

Enterprise Vault Server Migration Wizard Version



Enterprise Vault Server Migration Wizard Version
ServerMigration.exe (1.5 MBytes)

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