IT Analytics cubes take too long to process

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When processing IT Analytics (ITA) cubes, these take too long to process from what is expected to be their processing time.


Working as designed.


When ITA cubes process, they also process their dimensions. If multiple cubes of the same type are processed, such as for Symantec Endpoint Protection, these will re-process the same dimensions for each cube. In SQL, cubes can be manually processed without re-processing the same dimensions over and over. But for ITA, this is working as designed. This can result in significantly longer cube processing.

Symantec is investigating adding a feature to future versions of ITA that will enable the user to pick dimensions to be processed or not, which will thereby eliminate this sort of scenario. Until then, there is no method to work around this in ITA, other than to manually process cubes directly in SQL to avoid re-processing their related dimensions.

Note: This is also why when only one ITA cube of a same type is picked, when it is processed, others of the same type also show that they were processed at the same time, even though they were not selected to be processed. The same types of cubes generally share the same dimensions.

However, if the amount of time is long, for example, a half-hour, or times out, this is likely an issue that is occurring, not merely data processing. If this is the situation, refer to the following article for troubleshooting steps:

IT Analytics cubes fail to process

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