Unable to browse the remote server under Favorite resources as Trust relationship will not get established.

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Trying to expand the remote server from under Favorite resources in backup selections keeps displaying the "Enable Trust relation" popup.


SGMON log from media server shows the following errors:

BEREMOTE: [8108]     [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ndmpConnectEx : Control Connection information: A connection was established between end-points and
BEREMOTE: [8108]     [ndmp\ndmpclient]    - NDMP version 3 connection CONNECTED
BEREMOTE: [0000]     BECryptoInit: BECrypto non-FIPS mode successfully enabled.
BEREMOTE: [8108]     [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ERROR: 4 Error: Connection has not been authorized
BEREMOTE: [8108]     [ndmp\ndmpclient]    - *** getLastNDMPError Calling to get last NDMP Error.

BEREMOTE: [8108]     [dsss\rpc]           - DSSession::SetupNDMPConnection(): connectClientAuth() failed


BE 2010 R3


1. This issue may occur if the Backup Exec user account does not have the required permissions under User Rights assignment in the default Domain Controller's Group Policy object (GPO) and if it is a domain controller or the Local Security Policy of the remote server.

2. One more reason for this Issue could be Wrong Computer Name typed while installing RAWS.


1. Add the Backup Exec service account under User Rights Assignment for following rights in the default Domain Controller's Group Policy object (GPO) and in the Local Security Policy of remote server:
•Act as part of the operating system 
•Allow logon locally
•Backup files and directories
•Create a token object
•Log on as a batch job
•Log on as a service
•Manage auditing and security log
•Restore files and directories
•Take ownership of files and other objects

2. On Remote Computer Open Backup Exec Remote Agent Utility. Go to Security Tab and check the Media Server Name. It is possible that user could have typed some other Computer name or the Remote PC`s own name instead of Media Server. Ask User to use Change Settings option to change the Server name if it is Incorrect.

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Backup Exec cannot connect to the remote agent because a trust relationship was not established between the remote agent and the media server.  To establish a trust relationship, add the remote agent to the Favorite Resources in the backup selections tree.
Final error category: Security Errors

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