What are the trace files used for in BV Control for SQL Server

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When you configure BV Control for SQL Server, there are a few trace files that get created on the target server. What are these trace files used for


When you configure a target server for auditing in BV Control for SQL Server , you are prompted to enter a location where the trace files would get created for that target server on that machine itself.

These trace files can be viewed in MS SQL Profiler and are used for troubleshooting purposes,Trace files are used to collect SQL events data. However these are temporary files and once the data from the trace files are moved to audit repository those are cleaned up. SQL agents job is available for clean up purpose.

DDL and DML operations that are being audited have separate trace files, depending on the events that you have selected for auditing.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH175077

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